B.A.P's 1004 Twitter Event (140203): Tweets translations!

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All B.A.P's members replies to fans on Twitter will be added and translated on this post.
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The question was what is your favorite drink and the answer was cola

What would you do is you only have 10 minutes to live?
I would plant an apple tree

Q: Is there an anime you enjoy these days? he
A: Claymore hehe

What is your favorite song in this album? anything you recommend?
I like our title song 1004 but i also like the song with you

Dont you feel danger by Jongup whose singing skills are getting better each day?
I should work harder should i scare Jongup with dancing?

Q: What do you think you are better than memebers?
Dae: Smaller height than Zelo, smaller than Jongup's body, higher pitch than Youngjae, Tanner (skin color) than Himchan, lighter voice than Youngguk? hehe

I love you!!! i really want to get a response for this 1004 fighting 


Please answer i am a turkey fan! i love you

we love you too

Baby vs Girlfriend?

Baby=my girlfriend

Can you give me a selca?

um.. ill give you after the album is released

Q: How's my profile? A: Is that your question?

Q: Teach me the Busan accent!!!!!

A: If you don't listen to 1004, I'm gonna punish you~! Are you gonna listen~?? hehehe Listen to it~!!~^^(in the Busan accent)

fan: daehyun brother~~~~~
Dae: yes~~ hehe

Q: Oppa do you know why the sky is blue? kekeke
Jae: You are Jongup right! The question sounds like Jongup.. Are you Jongup's friend?

I think that the concept of this album is very diffrent do you think so too?

i think the concepts are all diffrent

Q: If you can witch do you want to go, past or future?
Guk: future

How did you feel when Chis Brown followed you?

Hdosbxksvdufjelapdj(something random)

Q: If you had to choose between a hamburger, Giratina (pokemon), cola and Chris Brown, what would you choose?

A: Spare me

Q: Bang youngguk or coffee
Chan: coffee that guk buys

What do you want the most right now?

Yongin Everland (it is am amusement park)

How can you learn Japanese so fast? im learning for 4 years... please tell me how!!?

if anyone know please tell me!!

I cant concentrate on studying and i am really tired of everything nowaday can you please cheer me up?

Cheer up it might hurt you more if you focus too much on developing yourself sometime looke at something close by and find happieness in it

Q: You're going to tweet back right? I refuse your refusal 

A: Show me a funny picture of yourself. I refuse your refusal hehe

RT angel youngjae for how long are you going to be an RT angle?

Till i die :P

I love you Oppa kiss~


Q: Oppa, what do you do if you catch someone doing something during class?A: Professor~ Yeji is using her phone~~

I live in the country side.. you are going to some to the country side too right??

If you guys wait for us then we`ll go

Q: Youngguk oppa, can you say i love you in spanish?
Guk: Te quiero, te amor

 Q: Ah, I guess I'm supposed to ask something? keke If you get first place in a music show, what is the first thing you are gonna do? I curious because I feel like you're gonna get 1st placeA: We'll have to call our teacher~^^

Oppa say something to me..like you like me or you like me or you like me


Q: Is it okay if a girl is a little chubby? T-T I love you ♥A: I don't think being skinny or chubby is a standard for beauty; I'd have to get to know the person^-^!

Why are tou so white?

Because of lack of melanin pigment

Oppa im sendimg you a mention why cant you see?

did you draw this by yourself??

Q:When you are very tired, what do you think of?? Is it.. misun(t-note the fan who asked is misun)?kekekekeke
Dae: Why did you say it~~!!?? You caught it TT

Theres only seven minutes left...dont you see me??

Hello i love you

Arceus (legendary pokemon) hahaha

Kiss hehe

Yes me too

All translations © BAPYESSIR.COM

"Hey girl tweet me your mention "  

Starting at 11AM KST on February 3rd, the B.A.P members will answer to fans' questions via Twitter! It's a promotional event for their new release "1004" later at 12PM KST. 

How to participate: 
1. Mention a member (@BAP_Bangyongguk, @BAP_Himchan, @BAP_Daehyun, @BAP_Youngjae, @BAP_Jongup, @ZELO96)
2. Ask your question 
3. Add the hashtag #BAP1004

The more you talk, the more you promote B.A.P's comeback at the same time! 

* Please keep in mind that the members will receive thousands of mentions, and they won't reply to all of them. Don't be too sad if they don't reply to yours ^3^


  1. Can you also mention all the members or is it too much..?

    1. You can mention all members at the same time, but it won't let you much characters for your Q XD

  2. Do you have to mention one of them or can you just use the hashtag if you want to ask them all something ?

  3. U must do both. Mention any of them so they see your tweet n u must add the hashtag#BAP1004 so that it will trend on twitter. That's how things work on twitter. Alternatively, u might wanna break down ur questions so u can ask each of them certain question.

  4. Is the event starting 11AM Korean time?

  5. I'm getting mixed info. This post says 11am which will be the early morning on the 3rd supposedly after the MV is already released. But I read on another site that it'll b at 11pm-12am. Which means it'll be on the 2nd & go on till the release of the MV on the 3rd. Which ones correct?

    1. the mv will be release on 12pm kst on the 3rd. so the event will be held 1 hour before the mv release if im not mistaken ^^