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Angel Performance
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Bang X2 Performance

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- The outfits are great!
- Himchan and Jongup are wearing gray, the others are wearing red.
- In the beginning there was an awkward period where we were waiting for it to start. Zelo was fidgeting, and Yongguk practiced dancing.
- The maknae line cannot stand still!
- Youngjae called us pretty and then laughed. 
- Daehyun is a grease ball! He came on stage, turned to look at us and slowly brought his hand up as if reaching out to us then dropped it and laughed
- They keep having to wait for the music to start and Jongup is so awkward! He kept waving and fidgeting
- Youngjae called us Jjang jjang girl
- Youngjae is so fanservicy today!!
- Fanchant practice with daejae ^_^
- Zelo said I love you!!
- Yongguk bowed like usual and waved a lot but was his Moslem quiet self.
- And Zelo did kind of this cute little run onto stage~
- Daehyun did some double fist pumps to rile us up as they went back stage lol
- Daehyun came out and waved to us
- Youngjae's making us practice the fanchant with him lol
- He was like "Look at me now" and we yelled "NOW" ^^
- First take stopped on jongups intro dance when hed just got into place beside youngjae. youngjae gave him a thumbs up for his dance lol
- Zelo did a cut where for his solo he had a hat and threw it in frustration on the floor then kicked it away and it was SO CUTE
- The hand to the floor move is rly catchy lol tho it is rly endearing that zelo cant actually touch the floor coz his legs are too long
- Youngjae thanked us for coming out despite the cold though I caught that one 
- BAP are really chatty today o 3o I don't really know what they are saying but they're talking haha
- Jongup's tight black leather-looking pants 

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