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- JongLo Couple interview Translation

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Q: If you two were to form a unit, what kind of music would you make? Please tell us about the song you would sing, the outfit you would wear and your unit name.
JU: Since we performed as a unit at our last concert our unit has a name.
ZL: We are called “MOON&ZELO”!
JU: Because our fans already call us that it just kind of stuck. Although we are in the same dance line, our styles are a bit different. That’s why I want to try a dance performance with just the two of us.
ZL: In terms of fashion and music, Jongup hyung and I match very well. (laugh). If the two of us can perform together, by all means I want to challenge it! 

Q: Please tell us what kind of fanservice you'd do for the fans as this unit.
JU: (Silence) Probably a high touch event? It’s not very common in Korea. It’s not only touching hands, but it’s also a special event where we are face-to-face and we coordinate our breathing (laughs)?
ZL: Umm, we need to match their breathing?
JU: Seems so! Rhythm is important. Also, since Zelo is so tall, it’ll definitely be a “high touch” (Great success)

Staff (Roar of Laughter)

Q: After hearing that you often talk about outer space, I’m worried about your daily conversation. Please tell us a new hot topic that has come between you two. 
JU: Lately, I’ve been becoming interested in drawing and so I often talk about drawing. I show Zelo my drawings and he gives me new ideas. Since I didn’t learn properly, I’m not that good at drawing, but if I have spare time I draw whatever. 
ZL: I also draw thanks to the influence of the other hyungs.

Q: Earlier, Himchan drew something during the interview. (laugh)
JU&ZL: Hahahaha.
ZL: Recently Jongup hyung is obsessed with the movie “Frozen”, but it’s not just us. It’s a big boom in B.A.P as well (laugh). 

Q: Speaking of which, at the last interview Yongguk said because of the fan’s influence he has come to love Tigger (laugh)
ZL: The stuffed toy? Yongguk hyung takes good care of them from the fans. 
JU: Surely it’s his charm. 

Q: If you are able to switch ages with one of the older members, what is something you would want to say to them? 
ZL: Honestly, at the Korean fanmeeting we had the experience of “switching ages” with the older members. However, because we don’t usually use casual speech, we weren’t able to talk so it was really awkward (laugh). I wanted to try and say things like, “Good work~! Everyone worked hard~” (Talking with his face near the person’s shoulder) “Hey~! Let’s work harder~!” (Gesture making his eyebrows in the shape of へ) (laugh). 
JU: HAHAHAHA (Huge laughter because of Zelo’s movements)

Q: White Days is soon isn’t it? If the person sitting next to you received chocolates from a girl they like, what do you think they will give back to her for White Day?
JU: (Still hasn’t stopped laughing because of Zelo) Ah~ Since Zelo has a lot of aegyo, he could wear a big ribbon on his head like he did at our korean fanmeeting. He could become the present, the girl would surely like it. 
ZL: Not just his dance, but Jongup hyung has become very skilled in singing. Therefore, he could prepare a private concert for that person. that would probably be a special present, wouldn’t it?
JU: I’ll sing and then I want Zelo to be the last present (laugh). HAHAHA!
ZL: Ehh~ Me? HAHAHA!

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Group Interview 


Q: First of all, congratulations on winning first place on Show Champion!
All: Thank you~! (they all clap)

Q: I think you're probably still very excited about it, so please tell us about how you're feeling right now and how you feel about things from now on.
YG: (fixing his posture) Rather than becoming immersed in the strong emotions we're feeling, we're thinking of it as working even harder than up to now, so that's what we'll be doing.
YJ: A lot of people helped us so that we could win first place. In order not to let these people's efforts go to waste we'll work hard from now on too to show you a good side of us.

Q: Last fall you held a large scale tour in Japan. Some of your elaborated stages became the subject of conversation, please tell us about your impressions of the tour.
DH: The way the fans cheered for us was quite different. In Korea, fans cheer like this (he raises his hands and cheers), they get excited and scream loudly, but fans in Japan listen to the music and cheer for us quietly from their hearts. At first we couldn't get used to it, but now now that we're starting to get acquainted to it we've become able to adapt our way of performing to it.
HC: Actually, the Japan tour was the tour that attracted the most people so far. From when we started planning for it, we were quite worried. Like about how would we be able to make this a success…
YJ: All of us thought about it a lot.
DH: But it turned out more of a success than we thought it would, and we're now more confident about promoting in Japan. We're preparing to show you even a better concert than what you're seen up to now.

Q: You will be releasing your 3rd Japanese single "No Mercy" on April 2nd. Congratulations!
All: Thank you!

Q: The Korean version of "No Mercy" included rap in Busan dialect and that attracted attention. Please tell us about the concept for the Japanese release of "No Mercy" as well as things that you'd like fans to pay attention to.
YJ: We released that song in Korea about a year and a half ago, so we've sang that song a lot during practice and concerts. I think that with the Japanese version, we'll be able to show you something more mature and a higher quality music and music video. The point of the music video would be the fact that we included drums when filming for the dance break. I'd like it if you could enjoy that part.
DH: Ooh~ As expected from Youngjae!

Q: When we talk about dancing we think of Jongup, so please tell us about what to look out for in the choreography for the Japanese version of "No Mercy"!
JU: Ah, me? It's a lively dance.

Q: Who are you talking about?
JU: Everyone. This time it's not only strong but also lively, and has a high-class feel to it. (is that a smug face!?)
Z: Hmhm.
YG: To sum up, our performance has leveled-up. (laughs)

Q: By the way, there are a lot of people that say they became fans after seeing your aegyo during your last Japanese concerts (he was sad that the concert was coming to an end and presented to cry and said his famous "let's go to the convenience store" phrase).
YG: I panicked a bit and didn't intend on doing aegyo at all, so I'm shocked that people saw this and thought that I have aegyo… (in a whisper) I'll do my best.
HC: (laughs)

Q: Is it a side of you that you don't usually show?
YG: (glancing at Himchan) Because I was with the members… that's why I did it with them, but I've always shown a strong image on stage. Because the fans had never seen me like that before, I think that it's why they thought that I had aegyo.

Q: Seeing your leader like this, what did the other members think?
HC: (coolly) Well, it's not like he's cute all the time. It's more like he showed on stage something that we get to see only a few times a year…

Q: Can the maknae Zelo say something about the leader, too?
Z: We never think of Yongguk hyung as someone who has a lot of aegyo (flat out). He doesn't really mess around with the members, but he's the leader and is usually quite solemn so it's unexpected to see him like this and so that's why the fans thought he had aegyo. (laughs)



Q: We're changing the subject but since Yongguk produces, what kind of song would each of the member want him to write for them? And, Yongguk, what do you think of what each member has to say?
JU: (thinking happily) Hm, some fun Hip Hop! I want him to write me a fun and funky song.
YJ: That's not really clear. (laughs)
HC: A song like "Spy"?
YG: For Jongup, I think what would suit him would be music like the artist Rene Magritte's images, music that tears apart the existing framework.
JU: It sounds cool!
HC: I'd like some melodious Hip Hop? Kind of like "Sexy Clap".
YG: Himchan is someone that is very self-conscious. A song like Frida Kahlo's self portrait would suit him.
HC: (looking satisfied) huhuhu…
Z: I… I'd like something Hip Hop with a free feeling to it.
YG: Zelo has a free and young image, so I think music like Banksy's street art would suit him.
Z: Banksy… Yeah, I think that would suit me!
YJ: (rolling his eyes at Yongguk who is looking fondly at a happy Zelo) I want a song that's perfect to listen to at night.
YG: Even if Youngjae looks like the serious type, it's hard to figure out his two sides, and that's his mysterious charm… (laughs)
YJ: That's not true!
YG: Youngjae would suit a monochrome kind of music, kind of like the photographs of the French inventor Étienne-Jules Marey.
DH: As for me… Something with strong and hard vocals, a song with a band, or a Hip Hop kind of song with high notes… this kind of song.
YG: Daehyun has an image like Jazz musician Miles Davis. He also drew a lot. He played music beautifully but a lot of his art was different, very hardcore. So I think Daehyun would suit music that is as varied as Miles Davis' drawings.
All: Ooh~ (everyone's comment is done so they all clap)

Q: Now let's try and produce a song for Yongguk. How can Yongguk, who is very popular among the fans because of the aegyo he showed during the Japanese concerts, raise the number of his fans…?
YG: Eh! (He looks bewildered halfway through the question) Even though the other members also showed aegyo during the concert, why only me…!?

Q: Like Zelo said earlier, it was something that it's not possible to see everyday so it left a very big impression on the fans.
HC: If it's like this then he shouldn't to it many times a year. (laughs)

Q: That's right. (laughs) Then, what kind of side should Yongguk show next to please the fans?
HC: (straightening up) There is a saying that says "Good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile", so wouldn't the fans be happy if he smiled a lot?
JU: Hyung doesn't talk a lot during lives. So I think that he should challenge being an MC so he could talk to a lot of the fans.
Z: (nodding) That's true. If he talked a bit more…

Q: He usually doesn't talk much?
Z: It's not like he doesn't talk at all, but among all of us he doesn't really talk much?
HC: Youngjae and Daehyun talk enough to cover for that.
DH&YJ: Ahahaha….
(Jongup asks Himchan in a low voice "The previous question was about Yongguk hyung?" "Yes it was!" Himchan answers and the two proceed to chuckle)
YJ: What are you two talking about? Really… (laughs) I think Yongguk hyung is just fine like he is right now.
DH: I think so too!

Q: Yongguk, since your new single's title is "No Mercy", when do the members show no mercy?
YG: Jongup is usually the open-minded type, but he shows no mercy when he dances. Himchan shows no mercy when he eats.
HC: (while looking at the younger members) It's because I have nice dongsaengs that I have lost my mercy!
(Daehyun and Youngjae quickly look away. For some reason Jongup and Zelo are smiling)
YG: Zelo is always doing his best when practicing so he shows no mercy to time.
Z: Huhu! (proudly)
YG: Youngjae shows no mercy to people who talk ill about him. (laughs)
All: Ahahahahahahaha!
YG: And then Daehyun shows no mercy when Youngjae talks ill about him. (laughs)
DH&YJ: Ahahahahahaha!

Q: Lastly, please say something to your fans who are anticipating your next tour!
YG: It hasn't been long since our Japanese tour ended, and I have the regret to tell you that we're already planning for the next one (joking). We'll see each other soon, so please come see us performing even better than before.
YJ: We paid attention to a lot of things when preparing for the last tour, but there were a lot of things that we couldn't do in the end. Checking things like these, we'll talk and fix them so this tour can leave you with even better memories than last time, so please look forward to it.
HC: (stopping his scribbling) The scale of our Japanese concerts is really big. This also means that we're more nervous and excited. We think that these 2 hours are very precious so please look forward these 2 hours that you'll get to spend with us and come see us!
JU&Z: Please take care of us!

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"Couple" Interviews

Q: If you two were to form a unit, what kind of music would you make? Please tell us about the song you would sing, the outfit you would wear and your unit name.

YJ: Our unit name…. "Mischievous Boys"? (In Japanese) Daehyun and I like pulling pranks at the dorm.
DH: Musically… rather than something like B.A.P's style, something softer… no, no, while being B.A.P's style…
YJ: Which one is it? (laughs)
DH: Ah, I think we'd suit music that is soft. Like R&B or ballads, something like that…
YJ: Daehyun, you're dragging it~ (laughs)
DH: I'm still undecided. (laughs)
YJ: (laughs) As for me, I'd like to make music you'd want to listen to in the evening, while going home from work or school. Something not too noisy, melodies in minor chords, that's the kind of music I'd like to promote with.

Q: Please tell us what kind of fanservice you'd do for the Japanese fans as this unit.

DH: There's a lot! For example, the song "Nooneui Kkot)" that is really famous in Korea is originaly "Yuki no Hana (In Japanese. Nakashima Mika/Yuki no Hana)", right? It's famous, right?

Q: Yes, it's very famous. (laughs)
DH: I'd really like to sing it once. I feel our Japanese fans would be really happy if I sang it. (laughs)

Q: It's a song a lot of Korean artists sing during their Japanese concerts. (laughs)

DH: Eeh~~ really? I didn't know… If it's like this maybe another song would be better… I'll think about it. (laughs)
YJ: Then, while he thinks I'll answer. (laughs) Daehyun and I really like to talk so I'd like to have an event in a small venue with only a few fans, where we could sing songs and have conversations.

Q: Other than music, what would you like to try doing?

YJ: I'd like to challenge manzai? (laughs)  (T/N: traditional style of stand-up comedy in Japan)
DH: Huhuhuhu, that might be good! (laughs)

Q: It seems that there are a lot of fans that like the Daehyun and Youngjae, but other than "We're good-looking" and "We're good at singing", what do you think are the other reasons that you two are popular?

DH: No, no, no (laughs)
YJ: We're born with it!!! (In Japanese)
DH: What's that? Then, me too. (laughs)

Q: It's going to be White day soon. If the person next to you were to receive chocolate from the girl they like what do you think they would give her?

DH: During the photoshoot for our Korean fanmeeting poster, we took pictures with a rose and Youngjae looked really handsome! I think it would be wonderful if Youngjae wore a nice suit and present her with roses, like that time.
YJ: Ah~ (laughs) (Covering his mouth with his hand) You understand.
DH: And me?
YJ: Daehyun has a masculine personality so he's not really the type to say romantic things, except when he's singing. So I think he'd put these feelings he can't say with words into a song and serenade her sweetly.
DH: Ah~ (laughs) That's good, that's good! (laughs)
YJ: (hugs him and both pat each other's back) By the way, Daehyun, did you decide what Japanese song you would sing? (laughs)
DH: Ah, then, maybe "Gamanhi Nuneul Gamgo (Hirai Ken/Hitomi wo tojite)"?

Q: That might be a common song, too. (laughs)

DH&YJ: A~ah (laughs)

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Cross Talk: Attentive Visual Duo

Q: If you two were to debut as a sub-unit together, what musical style, costumes, unit name and type of songs would you like to sing? Please tell us.
HC: Hmmm, because Daehyun's singing in B.A.P right now is pretty powerful, it's similar to rock vocals. It'd be meaningful to show a different, original face with a sub-unit.  That's why, it would be fun to try singing sensitive ballads. I'll play the piano!
DH: Eh?! Himchan-hyung won't sing?
HC: I won't sing. (for some reason he's in a bad mood)
DH: Eeeh, that's too bad. Speaking of that, while we are practicing, there are times that Himchan sings ballads with really good atmosphere. Aren't you interested in Himchan-hyung who has the gentle voice singing ballads? (Sneaking glances at Himchan) For doing concerts, Himchan's narration is really cool, I think it's great. (Sneaking glances at Himchan)
HC: (Dramatic laughter) Well if Daehyun is going to talk me up that much, I guess I could maybe try.
DH: (grinning)

Q: What would your unit name be?
DH: Hmmm, "Himchan & Daehyun" is good, isn't it?
HC: Then "Him Daehyun"?

Q: Seems like there would be people with that name (laughs)
HC: There are! In Korea there's probably about 100 people [with that name]. (laughs)

Q: Alright, so as a subunit, what fan service would you like to give to your Japanese fans?
HC: We would change the image the two of us always have, with Daehyun overflowing with lovability and me showing a cool male image, how about that? Both Daehyun and I are bug talkers, so we could have a "Talk Concert" with fans, it would be a special time with honest talk.
DH: Fans would have no chance to talk since Himchan would be going all the talking (laughs).

Q: You are both the "visuals" and "talkers," as well as the big "eaters," but has there been anything that you have eaten too much of that has been too delicious? 
DH: The love of our fans, perhaps? (laughs)
HC: It's delicious! (laughs) But it's not true about the "visuals!"
DH: Ahahaa. But I do eat a lot, right!
HC: Me too, I eat anything, but when we come to Japan I really like melon bread. the other members also really like it.

Q: What kind of melon bread do you like?
HC: Melon bread is melon bread. Are there that many varieties?

Q: There are ones with cream inside, and also ones that have fruit jam inside…
HC: Eeeeh, there are ones like that? I'm going to tell everyone!
DH: "Yabai, yabai" (said in Japanese) [T/N: Yabai has different meanings, in this case Daehyun probably means "Oh my god/Oh crap/I'm in trouble [I'm going to eat so much]" ^^]

Q: This is the last question. The person next to you received chocolate from a girl, how would they repay that girl on White Day? You can imagine it.
HC: Daehyun would…wouldn't he repay her by singing her a love song? Because watching Daehyun sing means you can't look at anyone else!
DH: Himchan would give her a letter, I think. With a lot of deep feeling, he would write in detail, and the contents of his letter would be really romantic. The girl receiving that letter would be really moved.
HC: Looking that way, I'm really diligent! (laughs)

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Q: If you two were to form a unit, what kind of music style, song you would sing, the outfit you would wear and your unit name would you choose?
BYG: With the two of us, we would continue our activities as Bang&Zelo.  As Bang&Zelo, we used a school-theme because we wanted to convey the story of worry, the future, and dreams. If we did it now I would want to tell the story of two rappers troubled about music. (laugh)

Q: Please tell us about what fanservice you would give to Japanese fans as a unit.
Zelo: (Raises his hand) I have a good plan! In “Never Give Up” Youngguk hyung has this part “I wanna draw you during Art class, I wanna make a song for you during Music class” and so I want to draw a picture of the fan and give it as a present. Fans think that we cannot see their faces from the stage, when in reality we actually do see fairly well. Each fan who comes to the concert, I see all of your faces!
BYG: If that’s the case, just like Zelo’s part (lyrics) “Buy bread” we should present it together. (Laugh)
Zelo: Good idea! But, I wonder if the fans will be pleased. (Laugh)
BYG: On the contrary, what if they just went home (laugh)? Just kidding, it’s a joke (laugh).

Q: (Yongguk said a joke...) Speaking of which, Yongguk, on twitter, you uploaded the sleeping face of Zelo and made a fatherly comment “Become an adult that brightly shines the world”. Zelo, what do you think is a point about Yongguk that makes him fatherly, and vice versa, Yongguk what is a point about Zelo that you think is child-like? 
BYG: When I first met Zelo, he had a strong passion, yet he was still a child. However, now he has matured into a full-fledged artist. Even so, (stretches out a hand to his head) he has become this tall (laugh).
Zelo: (smirk)
BYG: But, when he comes down from the stage, even now he is the beloved youngest full of charm.
Zelo: Hehehehe, thank you. Well then, this time it’s me. To me, Yongguk hyung is a role model I always want to follow. He is a leader that I have absolute trust in. Also, when I practice writing lyrics, I openly show only to Yongguk hyung and receive advice. I find that that reliable point is fatherly.  In addition, he generally moves slowly (laugh).

Q: Lastly, if the person next to you received chocolates for Valentine’s Day from a girl, what do you think they would give in return for White Day? 
Zelo: Because Yongguk hyung always someone who thinks to express himself through music, he would probably write a song to convey his feelings for her. It’s really simple, but is that not where a warmhearted song is born?
BYG: Zelo, outside of the stage, has a quite bashful and charming character, when need be, I think that he can show courage and is a cool guy.  Therefore, like a man, I think that along with his white day present he’d surely express his feelings.

Translation © Luna @ bapyessir.com 


Cross Talk: They are known as best friends even between the fans. There must be some things they can share and talk out loud because they are close to each other. This time, we would like to ask them more deeply!

Q: If you two were to form a unit, what kind of music would you make? Please tell us about the song you would sing, the outfit you would wear and your unit name.
Bang Yongguk: I can't come up with any good unit names now, but it sounds fun to do a collaboration with him using some songs that can pull his attraction more. Because I think his voice is really attractive. B.A.P's songs can't really make full use of his talents, so I would like to make a song that we can enjoy Himchan's voice. Singing a song together with him sounds really fun.

Q: In the previous interview, Himchan-ssi named this pair as "Oji-san" [means old man/grandfather in Japanese] (laughs)

Himchan: Did I really say that??

Bang Yongguk: (laughs) How is it that our unit name being "Oji-san"? Sounds like we can't really do any energetic power dances. (laughs)

Himchan: Well, I kind of have that image toward you because you move really slowly.

Bang Yongguk: Hey! (laughs)

Q: Please tell us what kind of fanservice you'd do for the fans as this unit.

Himchan: I will make Yongguk have some talk in front of our fans! Other than "Let's go to convenience store!" I will teach other Japanese words and phrases, and make him have different kind of fan service! We will show you more of Bang Yongguk's charms in the near future, so please look forward to it!

Bang Yongguk: Please look forward to it, but don't anticipate too much. (laughs)

Q: In specific, other than "Let's go to convenience store!" what kind of Japanese would you like him to learn?

Himchan: I'm also studying hard on Japanese because I'm not that good enough too... but how about "Ikemen"?? (means handsome guy in Japanese)

Bang Yongguk: Is that funny?? (In Japanese), "Let's go to convenience store is the best..."

Q: Yongguk-ssi is famous for your volunteer work, but if you were to do some volunteer work with Himchan-ssi, what kind of things would you like to do?
Bang Yongguk: The truth is, not only me but all the members are interested in volunteering too. Recently, our fans also show interest in volunteering and they give donation, so I am very touched by that. They often send donation to people who needs help and support under our names on our birthdays as a birthday present. When I hear those stories, I feel really proud and touched to see our fans being so supportive and thoughtful. 
Himchan: (making a face which looks like he is really touched by it) Even though we actually are Chingu(friend of same age), I really learn from him about various things. I'll do anything with Yongguk! But it's a shame that you can't express yourself enough even though it's such a touching story... (laughs)
Bang Yongguk: Hey! (laughs) (holding onto his chest expressing his happiness) I really am touched!
Himchan: Yep, that's better! (laughs) It's better, but I think he still needs to learn and practice more. (laughs)

Q: This will be the last question, since it will soon be White day, if the person next to you were to receive chocolate from the girl they like what do you think they would give her?
Bang Yongguk: Since Himchan sometimes cook us food, I think he will cook something or give lunch box filled with love to the woman too. Although it might not be a perfect cooking, I'm sure she will be really happy to receive it because it's feelings.
Himchan: Yongguk is a type of guy who acts rather than speaking, so without any words, I think will just hug her to express his thankfulness . Like the main character in the melodrama?
Bang Yongguk: Hey! (laughs)
Himchan & Bang Yongguk: LOL

Translation © Yui @ bapyessir.com


Q: If you two were to form a unit, what kind of music would you make? Please tell us about the song you would sing, the outfit you would wear and your unit name.
YJ: Everyone knows that Jongup is a dancer. But actually, he also has a very pretty voice! So if we were to make a unit we chose something upbeat, some R&B that we could dance on.

Q: What about your outfit and your unit name?
YJ: For the outfit… we'd wear short sleeves? (laughs) I won't wear them but Jongup will wear short sleeves and shorts. (laughs)
JU: (happily) I think that's good. It's still a little bit cold right now but it would be just right for the coming season.

Q: Ah, that's good. (laughs) Please tell us what kind of fanservice you'd do for the fans as this unit.
JU: I'd get Youngjae hyung to teach me Japanese, and I think our MC corner during concerts would be fun. We'd both be doing the MC so we'll just ask the other to show off their talents.
YJ: But it's only us two doing this, right?
JU: Ah, right. Then let's just have them stand there.
YJ: (laughs)

Q: It's a known fact that you two both sleep a lot, but when was the time you thought you slept the best? And was there a time you couldn't sleep much and that resulted in a mistake?
YJ: Recently a lot of our sleep is when we're waiting or going places so, honestly, we aren't sleeping enough. A mistake… was there something?
JU: Usually Daehyun hyung wakes us all up but there was this one time when he was extremely tired and he didn't wake up so we all overslept. We were lucky we weren't late for our schedule but since then we're all careful not to oversleep.

Q: Youngjae is the brain and Jongup is the muscles. At first glance it seems that you two wouldn't get along but is there something that you have in common? Or maybe a memory of just the two of you?
JU: Youngjae hyung is nice so he gets along with everyone.
YJ: Even if sometimes I bite. (laughs)
JU: Right. (laughs) But he listens to what I have to say a lot and we often sing or listen to music together.
YJ: Actually from among the members, Jongup is the first one I got along with. From the first time I met him, it was impossible to ignore his nice personality. (laughs) Sometimes he radiates a little too much of that innocent character he has. (laughs)
JU: hmhm. (he didn't notice the sarcasm!?)

Q: Since it will soon be White day, if the person next to you were to receive chocolate from the girl they like what do you think they would give her?
YJ: I think Jongup would give her what's most precious to him, what he likes best. He'd probably give her a hamburger. (laughs) Ahahahaha!
JU: Recently, for his birthday, Youngjae hyung gave the fans a message he recorded. I really felt his gentleness and charm. So maybe sending a romantic recorded message before sleeping or singing a serenade on the phone would be cool.
YJ: That a little embarrassing~ (laughs)
JU: I'm the one doing it.
YJ: So I'm not the one doing it but you are? Ahahahahaha!

Translation © Julie @ bapyessir.com

Solo Interviews

Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most, and what food did you like the best?
YJ: All of the food in Japan is delicious. The ones that I remember the most were at an udon and tonkatsu (pork cutlet on rice) shop. The food came out on really big plates! I also had udon there, and the food was good and it was fun having such big sizes too.

Q: Now all of you are concentrating on music activities, but is there anything else you want to try doing in the future like actor, or MC?
YJ: I've tried variety shows many times, it was difficult…(far away look). More than being happy that we're getting on TV, I get nervous and feel scared (tear). That's why I feel that I don't really want to do any other sort of promotions. Saying I don't have much confidence…that's why I want to do more concerts and music promotions as part of B.A.P.

Q: If you were able to create a neighborhood, how would it be?
YJ: I want to make a neighbourhood where everyone is happy. Without gathering up 1 person to be in power, I want to create a neighbourhood where every person can enjoy equality and feel happiness.

Q: It seems you have many interests. I heard you like cameras….
YJ: the camera I have now is one I bought myself, so it's my favourite.

Q: About other things you like, I heard you also like anime…?
YJ: (brightening) Yes!

Q: Lately, what anime do you find interesting?
YJ: (excitedly) Lately I'm watching "ONE PIECE" and "HUNTER X HUNTER" anime. I also enjoy watching  (omitted) [T/N: I have no idea why the magazine omitted the title of the anime…].

Q: You're called B.A.P's "Brain," and your memory is incredibly good, do you remember the faces of fans? What Japanese fans left an impression on you?
YJ: (looking terribly sorry…) Actually, I don't remember people's faces well. However, I'm trying to remember the faces of fans as much as possible. Ah yes, (chuckling) the fans who leave a lasting impression are the ones who have REALLY passionate cheers. I remember those fans. I am very thankful that those fans exist. 

Translation ©Nicole @BAPYESSIR.COM


Q: Throughout your tour last year you visited various places across Japan. What place made you think “This is nice” and what food did you think was delicious?  

Zelo: I don’t remember the names of all the food I ate...but everything was delicious. During the tour I ate a lot of bento (lunch boxes - you can buy them at any convenience store) but, I ate tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet) and udon the most. The hyungs also said it but, the container the udon was in was really big (laugh), it was very delicious.

Q: What is the place that left the biggest impression on you?

Zelo: I would look at Japanese fashion magazines and the place where they take pictures of stylish people I think is beautiful. Actually, when I went I thought it was really beautiful. What really left the biggest impression on me was that no matter where you went in Japan it’s all beautiful.

Q: Currently everyone is focusing on music activities, however, please tell us if there is anything else, such as being an actor or emcee, that you would like to try.

Zelo: First, I want to concentrate on music, but I do want to try acting. Also because I think it would be helpful if I experience many different things while I’m young. Before, I had the opportunity to take part in a musical and it was really interesting. There was a lot of pressure at the time (with a sigh and a small voice). Between you and me, I really didn’t want to do it, but it was an interesting experience. As time passes it became a nice memory and experience. I would really like to experience that again.

Q: If you could create any town you wanted, what kind of town would you create?

Zelo: Something like Vancouver, Canada. I want to make a town out of ice. If it was in Korea, I would want to create a place like Apgujeong.

Q:  The fans seemed to be interested in your fashion. Recently, what is your favorite fashion item? 

Zelo: Yeah, there are always people checking out my fashion and accessories, but I don’t really know a lot. Preference is different for each person (laugh).

Q: What is the most mischievous thing you have done recently?

Zelo: Ummmm, we always play around with each other, but during practice I make them laugh with my dance movements. 

Translation © Luna @ bapyessir.com 


Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most, and what food did you like the best?
YG: It's not so much one thing, but Japan is different than Korea, very delicate and fresh. I like sushi so we went to a famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo. I don't recall the name, but it was really delicious. (He has a nostalgic look on his face)

Q: Now all of you are concentrating on music activities, but is there anything else you want to try doing in the future like actor, or MC?
YG: I want to try producing. It's also fun to stand up on stage, but as a producer I think it'd be fun to see other kids on stage with music and material that I've created. 

Q: If you were able to create a neighborhood, how would it be?
YG: A dark place where light shines only in certain places. That kind of neighbourhood is good.

Q: A dark place?! Why?
YG: In today's society, everyone is scattered and on their own. If there was light in only a few places, wouldn't people seek out the light and gather there together? That's what I think, that it would be easy to live there with everyone walking together.

Q: Ah, actually that sounds kind of nice. (At this point Himchan's humming made it difficult to hear Yongguk)
YG: Are you ok? Himchan's always like this. (laughs) Hey, Himchan! Keep it down, keep it down!

Q: Thank you (laughs) You want to be a good influence on people, but at the same time were there any fans or any of the members who influence you?
YG: (Happily) The members are always cheerful and bright so I become so as well when we're together. That said, my personality becomes brighter, so they influence me that way. Fans are pleased no matter what we do, but that's not a simple thing. I feel respect and gratitude, and a call to duty.

Q: Because of these actions and your smile, you've earned the nickname "Bang Buddha" [T/N: "Saint Bang," something like that ^^;;] in Korea, but what nicknames did you have in your childhood?
YG: When I was small, my last name was not common, so I got nicknames that way. Bang-kun. That was all.

Translation © Nicole @ bapyessir.com 


Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most, and what food did you like the best?
JU: Everything in Japan is good, personally...the dish with curry and udon noodles...Curry Udon? That was delicious. Because it was my first time eating it, for 1 person this giant dish came out, so I remember being really surprised.

Q: Now all of you are concentrating on music activities, but is there anything else you want to try doing in the future like actor, or MC?
JU: I want to try everything, many things.
Staff: Ooooooh.
JU: (Hastily, Feeling on the spot) But that doesn't mean I have confidence in being able to do many things...I want to get experience trying many different things and see which is interesting. MC-ing, acting, I want to try them all at least once.

Q: If you were able to create a neighbourhood, how would it be?
JU: A town where everyone knows each other and goes about as friendly neighbours, that kind of place. I want to make a place where everyone feels like 1 family.

Q: Jongup is well known for being athletic, but what sport are you confident in your ability? 
JU: I like soccer and basketball. I'm not good at them though (laughs). I like running around and playing with everyone. I like doing things in a group.

Q: In your student days, what sports did you play?
JU: None. That makes it seem like I have no athletic ability (forced laughter). But (while making the gestures for running) I like running.

Q: The other day was your birthday, and you became of age, but did the members celebrate your birthday?
JU: (Happily) Yes, we celebrated as usual. We went to the movie theatre to see "Frozen." It was really fun.

Q: Don't fans recognize you in theatres?
JU: Sometimes that happens, but we go to the late shows so there's less people, and inside the theatre it's dark so it's fine.

Q: Did you get any cake? 
JU: I got a cake from our fans, we ate that. It was good, thank you so much!  

Translation © Nicole @ bapyessir.com 


Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most, and what food did you like the best?
DH: Was it… Nagoya? (happily) The chicken wings in Nagoya! They tasted really good.

Q: It seems that you all like chicken wings. (laughs) Did you go to a famous restaurant?
DH: We couldn't. (he looks down, but happy again) But our fans got them for us!

Q: What is a place that you remember?
DH: There was this place where we held the Tokyo fan meeting… hmm~ (he turns his chair and ask a staff member) Where was it again? Ah, Shibuya's Marui City. I remember Marui City. (In japanese) It's fashionable.

Q: Now all of you are concentrating on music activities, but is there anything else you want to try doing in the future like actor, or MC?
DH: Of course, I want to continue singing until the day I die! But if I had to do another job, I'd like to participate in a musical. (while doing an acting (?) gesture) I'd love to try acting while singing.

Q: If you were able to create a neighborhood, how would it be?
DH: I would make it a place lined with old tiled roof houses, with flowers blooming… that's what I'd like to do.

Q: Since you're from Busan, where in Busan would you take the other members to visit?
DH: The older ones like seafood, so I'd take them to the Jagalchi Fish Market (one of the biggest fish markets of South Korea, located in the south of Busan). (laughs) After taking them to Gwangalli Beach, I'd want to go eat sashimi together.

Q: Like you'd expect from someone from Busan, where a lot of the men are bossy, your ideal type is someone like Shin Saimdang (she appears on the 50,000₩ banknote), a good wife and wise mother. But in terms of looks, what is your type?
DH: I don't put much importance on physical appearance when looking at women, but if there was something I'd say I like someone warm? Easy to get close to… (unable to find the right word, he's holding his head in his hands) I don't really know how to say this. (laughs) 

Q: Someone peaceful?
DH: Yes! Peaceful, and has for her looks, someone that doesn't look strong; that kind of person.

Q: So you like someone that looks and is also kind and gentle?
DH: Right!

Translation © Julie @ bapyessir.com 


Q: You toured in different places in Japan last year, but where did you like it the most?
HC: (smiling brightly) Overall I liked everything. Everywhere you go in Japan it's quiet, I think it's a country where you can really feel its culture.

Q: Is there anywhere that left an impression on you or somewhere you'd like to go next time?
HC: Tokyo's night view left an impression on me. It was really beautiful. I really felt Japan's culture by looking down at the city from the hotel. Next time I go to Osaka I really want to go visit Osaka Castle.

Q: What foods did you like?
HC: (immediately) Hitsumabushi! (T/N: grilled eel on top of rice) Also the chicken wings were really good. The okonomiyaki and monjayaki were also good.

Q: Is there any other kind of work you'd like to do eventually other than being a singer?
HC: I was an MC during my trainee days and I'd like to do it again if given the opportunity. Also, acting in MVs, I thought acting was a very interesting profession.

Q: If you were able to create a neighborhood, how would it be?
HC: I'd make is so it's a heartwarming place for anyone who visits.

Q: You're known for being fashionable. What else other than your outfit do you pay attention to?
HC: I chose my clothes according to what I feel like on that day. There's nothing I pay particular attention to other than not standing out too much. For example, from our members… 
Staff: Don't say any more.
HC: Isn't it ok to say? (laughs)
Staff: Don't~
HC: Hm~. That's too bad, another time. (laughs)

Q: What items are important in an outfit?
HC: Shoes. The shoes and belt are very important, even more than the top and pants. When the shoes and belt stand out a bit, the outfit as a whole looks well put together.

Q: It's known that you take pictures of fans and upload them online. What kind of fans make you want to take pictures of them?
HC: Fans that are smiling and fans that ask me to take their pictures. Also, fans that smile and pose when I point my camera at them. But it's hard to take pictures of fans that run away when I try to take a picture of them. (laughs)

Q: Why do they run away?
HC: (pitifully) I think they probably don't want their face to be seen. When fans pose and look happy about it, there are times when I take multiple pictures. (laughs) Actually, I want to take a picture of every single excited fan at our concerts, and it's a shame that it's not possible. That's because when I get my camera ready everyone looks at me. I'd like to take pictures of fans as they're watching the stage but…

Translation © Julie @ bapyessir.com 

Behind the scenes report

B.A.P have just won first place for the first time on the day before the photo shoot. It might be because they're still excited but compared to last time, the atmosphere was a little odd. (laughs)  Please look forward to the member that kept humming songs during outfit changes, the member that kept looking at the nape of the neck of a staff, as well as the different personalities of the members, all around the taciturn leader!

We B.A.P share happiness between us!

This took place in Korea, in the middle of february. The one who gathered the members, who were taking a break in the studio as they pleased, after saying "let's start" only once is their unquestioned leader, Bang Yongguk. Then, Daehyun jumped on the candies that had been prepared and left in the room, but he was scolded by Himchan "We're starting so you can't eat now!", while pocketing some of the candies himself. (laughs) Next to these two were Youngjae, completely ready, and Zelo, resting his head on the table. And then Jongup, who for some reason was staring at the nape of the neck of a staff member. Thank you for the perfect self-introduction!
Even if B.A.P are full of charming personalities, there was something we were aiming for from before the photoshoot. "We want to see Yongguk's smile!" (laughs) So this is why we, all of the staff, aimed at Yongguk! We weren't able to capture his smile from the beginning but, as we went on (for us who were really insistent) did you notice that he showed us a little aegyo? It's probably thanks to Bang Bosal's compassion!
After the photoshoot was over, Himchan came up to us and said "You were going after Yongguk, right?". "We got caught!" we thought, breaking out in a cold sweat but, "Yongguk is a nice person" Himchan said. He then took out a candy from his pocket and gave it to us, saying "Let's share my happiness" and left with a smile. Too much, too much, you're too much~! …But, you're close! Too close~!
I mean, that candy… is just the wrapper with nothing inside… was it on purpose?

Backstage anecdotes

Himchan and Daehyun that make the photoshoot location lively. Especially Himchan who's on full throttle doing whatever he pleases from the beginning to the end. (laughs) But when we tell Himchan, who's calm when Yongguk's around, "You're calm", he insists that "I have the role of making things lively when I'm with the younger ones, but this is how I usually am!" I think it's probably a lie.

When we ask them to make a cool pose, Jongup takes a strange pose while growling. Not able to contain himself, Yongguk starts to laugh and the other members soon follow. "You're number one" Daehyun says, grabbing Jongup's arm and raising it, while the other stares blankly. Even if he doesn't understand the situation, for some reason Jongup looks happy ♡

The two that formed the unit "BANG&ZELO" before B.A.P's debut. As expected, they take poses that match one after the other, without the need for words. Youngjae, getting worried because they're speaking even less, mutters "yes, yes" along with the sound of the shutter. For some reason it was really funny. (laughs)

Zelo, who is well behaved when he's with the older ones, is in a relaxed mode with Jongup. Without us having to say anything, they played in front of the camera. The staff really felt warm from seeing these two interact like brothers ♡

Question to the members

<memo> Bang Yongguk who didn't complain once because of our persistent "aegyo attacks". (laughs) During the camouflage photoshoot, he jumped, loosing his cap countless times. Every single time he would apologize and put his cap back on. But the ones that are in the wrong are us… we're sorry.

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
Rather than for myself, I put an effort for B.A.P. Especially for concerts, I think a lot about how we can show our good points better. What I have the most confidence in is my unwavering awareness of our goal. Our appearance and voices might change with time, but I think my goal of "going forward with the members and BABYs" won't change.

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"Warrior" It's our first song so it holds a lot of deep memories. Also, "1004 (Angel)" that we released recently is a special song as it has become a turning point for B.A.P.

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
Rather than a hundred words, I believe that you can know someone's heart by looking at their eyes. I think it's enough if I see sincerity and truth in someone's gaze.

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
My grandmother and grandfather. They taught me a lot about "living and sharing" when I was younger. It's thanks to them that I am the person I am today.

<memo> Handsome Himchan was in high spirits from beginning to end. When we gathered for the interview, he stuffed a bunch of candies in his pockets and was engrossed in scribbling. (laughs) Moreover, when it was time to change outfits, he was humming enthusiastically and so loud that we heard him all throughout the studio. Because of this, the writer said that they couldn't hear Yongguk's answers to their questions. (laughs)

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
Actually… even if I should be used to be in front of a camera already, when I look at videos or pictures of me it feels like I'm looking at a different person and sometimes I get shy about it. So I'm researching how to look good by monitoring the fans' opinions. (laughs) The thing I like most about myself… appearance-wise it would be my nose? If we're not talking about appearance… "When I look at BABYs, I know right away who it is", my excellent memory! (laughs)

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"No Mercy" It's a song that mixes traditional music as well as dialects and it was a new challenge for B.A.P. It's also our next Japanese single, so please look forward to it~

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
"I'm a BABY"! As a B.A.P member, there's no confession more perfect than this, right? (laughs)

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
I can't answer "BABY"? That's too much~! If that's how it is, I'll choose Yongguk. Because, thanks to him, the members have taken interest in volunteering and donating, and more than anyone, he has the heart of an angel.

<memo> "I'll take an orange juice please~" requested refreshing boy Daehyun with a bright and beautiful voice and a smile, right before we started. (laughs) Even if he's flawlessly handsome, it seems that he has his unguarded moments in front of Youngjae. During the photoshoot, Youngjae suddenly hugged him, causing him to lose his composure and turning completely red ♡

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
Practice. If I practice properly, I can show a cool "Daehyun" on stage. Personally, I'm most confident in my singing abilities. I'm still lacking, but I'm planning on getting better until I'm not lacking anymore!

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"One Shot" It's a song that helped B.A.P be known around the world and not just Korea. Every time I listen to it, every time I sing it, the message from the lyrics shoot right through me. (laughs) It's a song that makes me think that I have to work harder.

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
Probably "I love you". They are very simple words, but I think that they are beautiful words that can express everything. But because of this, you need a lot of courage to say them out loud. (laughs)

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
The teacher that taught me up until I became a singer! He guided me on the path of music. He's also the the one who helped me with opportunities for me to become a singer. So for me, he's like an angel fallen from the sky.

Translation ©Julie @BAPYESSIR.COM


<memo> Youngjae, who is too cute when he wears a hat. He was a model student during the interview, but when I asked him "By the way, you like anime, right?" he changed right away! (laughs) He told me about his love for anime to his heart's content. Of course, most of it has been cut from the interview ♡

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
The stage is a performance. So rather than simply singing or performing, I pay attention to my expression and gestures. And recently, I've been doing my best with trying to have a strong impact with my eyes and gaze but did the fans notice? (laughs)

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"Shady Lady" I like the gentle lyrics that overflow with emotions. It's a content women will surely relate to so I'd like to sing it in Japanese one day.

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
I think I would feel really strong if I was told "You're the best". (laughs) It's because "the best" means that she respects me the most!

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
All children are angels! They're lovable when they laugh, cry, eat, whatever they do. I feel happy just looking at them. If someone has the ability to make those around them happy, I think it would be right to call them an angel, right?

<memo> Jongup who turned 20 and has incredibly good looks. I was startled when he sometimes shared mature opinions but I was relieved when I saw how he was during the photoshoot. He became engrossed with a staff's neck nape and mumbled "Vegeta, Vegeta (Dragon Ball)". I guess that it really looked like Vegeta's forehead ♡

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
I have confidence when it comes to a performance like breakdancing. But if I don't practice my body become stiff fast so even when I'm not performing I'm always practicing behind the scenes. (laughs) My arms are a little long and I'm muscular so apparently, when I breakdance, my movements look large and energetic.

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"B.A.B.Y" It's a special song because it's for the BABYs that love us. There's even the cheers of the fans in the song!

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
I like the words "I'll always be with you." When recording the song "With You", I thought about how much a girl's words could give me strength.

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
My parents. If we think about it, not only my parents, but all the parents. Parents that always pray for their children's happiness might even be more than angels.

<memo> Last time, Zelo was slowly eating Pocky as soon at the we finished finished. This time as soon as it ended he collapsed on the floor, in a 大. (T/N: It looks like a person…) Not letting a prey like this get away, Himchan and Daehyun straddled him, not wasting a moment before using him as a bed. (laughs) Zelo just laid there so he must have been very tired.

01: @izumin1219 Is there something you put effort in to appear cool? Please tell me what you think is cool about yourself.
I'm doing my best learning about writing lyrics! Maybe one day I'll be able to reveal a song that I wrote. What is cool about myself… When I'm engrossed by the stage. When I'm trying to reach a perfect freedom! I wonder if that's what our fans have come to like the most about me.

02: @suzukasu_bap Please tell me your favorite B.A.P song.
"Unbrealable" I really like the lyrics of this song. Especially this part: "Chased by time, chasing out sleep, the drooping shoulders of six guys running towards their dreams, shadows of youthful days" Also, I like songs like "Excuse Me" and "Check On" that represent B.A.P's confidence when we stand on stage.

03: @sjsalang A questions for B.A.P. Is there anything a girl would say while confessing to you that would make you agree to it without even thinking?
"I believe in you" I might open my heart if I hear these words. (laughs) I don't think there's anything that makes me more happy than having someone believe in me. Personally, I am more touched by words like "I trust you" rather than "trust me".

04: @0622Lee A question for all the members. Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
Jongup hyung, of course. (laughs) He always makes us happy with his smile and fun stories that you couldn't even imagine.

Translation ©Julie @BAPYESSIR.COM

Behind the Scenes Extras

Photoshoot inside story 03: Because Youngjae did a similar martial arts in another photoshoot, when shooting began Jongup suddenly put Zelo in a chokehold. Surprised at the sudden action, Zelo seemed happy ^^

Photoshoot inside story 02: This time we coupled B.A.P into 6 different couples. Youngjae and Jongup were especially entertaining. During shooting Youngjae assumed a kung-foo pose. In response to that, Jongup assumed his own pose.(>ω<)

Photoshoot inside story 01: B.A.P was photographed in regular and concept costumes. However, staff was agitated that change time took so long. During that time, Himchan was humming and made no effort to speed up even when Daehyun and Youngjae kept telling him to hurry up.

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