B.A.P #1 on Inkigayo (140216) #BAP3RDWIN

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- Winning + Encore Stage Video


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- Performance


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B.A.P is in the running to be #1! Babys be sure to trend #BAP1004 & #비에이피 during the broadcast in a few hours! This could help them win!

How to Support B.A.P on Inkigayo: Tutorial
Streaming link will be available HERE and the stream will start around 3:30pm KST


Here's another option for International Babys to live vote for SBS Inkigayo! Remember ONE VOTE per IP only!

Send 비에이피 to 1245 using this link! Click here (other similar SMS sending options are HERE and HERE)
① Click one of the "SMS" buttons ② Fill in country (South Korea), destination # (1245) ③ copy and paste 비에이피 for the message part ④ enter the confirmation code and click the button

 If your message was sent, you should get the following message in red:



  1. I get a message saying:

    "Invalid Mobile Number. Enter the correct 대한민국 (South Korea) mobile number." because apparently, 1245, isn't a valid phone number.

  2. "Resource limit reached" :(

    but thank you guys for trying to find ways! :)

  3. It doesn't work for me... I tried right-clicking the message box to paste in 비에이피, but the context menu wouldn't open to let me paste that in.. :(

  4. I voted too many time too and i got that message too: "Resource limit reached" :C just hoping for the best!!

  5. I tried a while ago and i had the "Resource limit reached" but i just tried again and it Successfully Sent my message ^^

    Keep trying .. It does work!!!

    #비에이피 Our boys must win their triple crown!

  6. #BAP3rdWIN !!!!! :D

  7. Ohmyword..i was about to leave from my big sis house and now this! Thank you Lord above! and thank you to whoever(well,you know who you are!)making my favorite boygroup wins! i love you all!x) p.s. oh and congratulation B.A.P!!!!!x) live u boyz too! okay,i'm outta here! ~byes!^ ^/ *giggles*

  8. *love you boyz too!^ ^'