B.A.P at KBS "K-Pop, to Find Its Way Within Gugak"

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The press conference for KBS 1TV's 'K-Pop Merge Paths with Traditional Music' took place at the KBS annex building in Yeoido on February 21.

The production team said, "We chose B1A4 because they are a trending idol group while one B.A.P member specialized in traditional Korean music.  We tried to stay professional in that way."  It appears they are talking about B.A.P's Himchan, who had attended the National School of Traditional Music.  

She then chose B.A.P as another idol group with whom she wanted to collaborate, "They say that there is one person in B.A.P who specialized in traditional Korean music, so I want to try a duo with him.  I think it would be refreshing."

This program will combine the two unique musical styles of Korea, K-Pop and traditional music.  It will be a very fascinating and interesting merging indeed!  Make sure to check it out on March 2.


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