B.A.P FIRST DATE with BABY JAPAN: Some Fanmeeting Goods will be sold in Official Shop

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This is master post for Baby Japan Fanmeetings, all date, time & other info will go here

Some Fanmeeting Goods will be offered through B.A.P Japan Official Shop

Sales start at 6pm JST April 3rd.

Mug Cup (black or white) 1620 yen
Hair accessory (green or pink) 1296 yen
Nail stickers 1080 yen

Some items that were sold out at the fanmeetings will be available for order April 3rd at 6pm until April 10 at 6pm JST

BABY JAPAN muffler towel 1620 yen
Mirror 1296 yen

*Please note that the Japan shop does not ship internationally, and that BYS is unable to take goods orders this time.

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There's a video about the fanmeeting up for Baby Japan on the members page

B.A.P is inviting Babys to come to the event where they can get closer to the members and see their individual charms, Baby Japan members go have a look ^^

Newspaper ad for the fan meetings

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  1. Youngjae hugging Jongup, this is just too cute!

  2. where can I watch the video?