B.A.P Reveals "Earth Needs You’" as Concert Theme

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After the series of concert teaser releases, B.A.P finally unveiled the theme of its upcoming concert as ‘Earth Needs You.’

On February 26, B.A.P uploaded a video on its official Facebook page titled, “Bang Yong Guk’s way for a better world.” The video was created to commemorate Bang Yong Guk becoming one of the seven finalists for the Shorty Awards in Activism through all of his good deeds to make the world a better place.

At the end, the video revealed the words ‘Earth Needs You,’ highlighting as the theme of the concert. Since February 21, B.A.P has been releasing posters with ‘Earth Needs ______’ provoking lots of curiosity in an event in which fans could try to fill in the blanks. 

In the past, B.AP has held large-scale concerts with unique concert concept. Just as before, B.A.P will be upgrading its concert them to ‘Earth Needs You,’ saying that in order to make this world a better place, you are needed. B.A.P also revealed the six secret keywords that are also needed. 

Bang Yong Guk represented ‘justice,’ Zelo ‘happiness,’ Jong Up ‘passion,’ Dae Hyun ‘love,’ Him Chan ‘emotion,’ and Young Jae ‘you.’ 

B.A.P will be decorating the upcoming concert with these keywords, linking them to the new songs off its first album First Sensibility and presenting a meaningful story. 

B.A.P will be holding its B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 concerts on March 8 and 9. 

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