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Q. Looking only at the song's name 'B.A.B.Y' I can feel love toward fans, who is BABY for B.A.P?

A. (Daehyun) When you read B.A.P by sound, its 'bap' (rice) if we are rice, than BABYs are 'yoo boo' (fried bean curd)? So when B.A.P and BABY are together it's an amzing match and will make yoo boo cho bap (fried bean curd with vinegard rice)! Honestly my favorite food is yoo boo cho bap, haha!

Q: Please say something to the fans that have been waiting for you 

A: Babys We have comeback with our first full length album. We aren't embarassed/ashamed about the title "regular" from the preparing of the album to the release, we've worked very hard. Please give lots of love to B.A.P who worked very hard to show a better(cooler) side!

Q: In this album's 13 songs, is there a special song that you want to recommend?
A: Like the saying, "If you bite all ten fingers, there isn't a finger that doesn't hurt," I have a good feeling toward of the songs, but the song that fits B.A.P's 'hip hop' is the 5th track, 'Check On'. It's a song where B.A.P can show confidence whenever and where ever. It has B.A.P's confidence so please listen to it!

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  1. so,this is the new side or shall i say another new side of B.A.P hmm?^ ^

  2. If I'm not mistaken, they're already no.1 on Soribada from 3 days ago... ^^