B.A.P on Music Core (140222)

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- 3 Pictures of B.A.P leaving Music Core

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B.A.P in backstage with some Brazilians fans studying in Korea ^^ Himchan said "Wow! I love Brazil!" and "Welcome to Korea" to them!

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B.A.P with their senior Tae Jin at backstage


  1. Hey~its senior sir tae jin himself taking photo with our boyz!(or..the other way round!)^ ^ i love the picture! and both him and also senior lim chang jung!^ ^ still loving that Opens the Door song by sir chang jung. the MV,no comment! lol *mind you,i called them " sir " bcuz i really respect them! hehe i want to called them as " mr. " but still i can't and i dunno why!xD p.s. and to our B.A.P babyboyz,please don't let of-not-winning-any-trophies or awards bother you a lot ok,boyz? it is only a matter of time bcuz anytime you can win again. and that depends sometimes on luck too. so,right now,what most important is to keep on concentrating on winning your fans' heart more and gaining more of your new fans elsewhere by doing your parts(gigs/Live,big or mini shows/concerts tour,fanmeets,fansignings,etc.) so,good luck boyz! and thank you,TSENT very,very much! you're part of babyz family too as one,not only B.A.P but anyones who is related to them! They are our precious! Keep moving forward,forget what other people said or talk bad about us all behind our back. Let them do their talking. We,should just keep on minding our own business and move forward,it's not them who make us all happy,right? so,be it! Do what we got to do! as a fan,i will still,stick loyal to what i can and gotta/supposed do in supporting you all. Thats the B.A.Pfam(B.A.P family)ways! and thats our way,guyz! Keep your head up! Bad talks won't put us down. ;)