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Going international with “First Sensibility” 
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B.A.P’s verification as a rookie star

South Korean boyband who labeled under TS Entertainment, don’t just look handsome like other Korean boybands, but also shows the badboy side which makes the BABY, B.A.P’s fanclub, hysterical whenever they see B.A.P. B.A.P, six guys that consist of Yongguk (main rapper), Himchan (sub vocal), Daehyun (main vocal), Youngjae (lead vocal), Jongup (main dancer), and Zelo (lead rapper and lead dancer) were united and more than ready to go worldwide. 

FIRST ALBUM : B.A.P presents a new color of hip hop in their first full album for the BABYz
Every member of B.A.P has their own speciality that can strengthen the group's formation. The perfect dance and strong charisma of the leader Yong-guk. LTE rap and perfect harmony is the hallmark of Zelo. While Dae-hyun with his honeyvoice. Not to lose from them, Young-Jae, Jongup, and Himchan, also make the power of this group more fabulous. 

January 2012 was the beginning of the group's introduction to the public. They starred in the reality show Ta-Dah It's B.A.P which aired on SBS MTV. During the period of their debut, the group's main concern is their hair. All members dying their hair with platinum blonde color,to make their characteristic more powerful.

Uniquely, B.A.P has a symbol that represents any of their personnel. The symbols they use are rabbit that wearing face masks, which are often called matoki , with different colors for every member. What makes B.A.P different from the other boy band is The bad boy character that they show. The other boy bands always rely on their handsomeness personnel. Six of them are more macho. Their debut song as well as their first EP, Warrior, B.A.P good enough to attract public attention as a rookie korean band with genre hip hop song and featured with a very catchy dance. Even the EP sold more than 10,000 copies in just two days after the release date. Being more productive year, on March B.A.P released the song, titled Secret Love. Then followed with a single POWER which was released in April. Various singles were also sold on the market and make them a success got many compliments .

The success achieved by the B.A.P then give a big question mark for the fans , when they will make a full album. Earlier this year, the good news came for the BABY. Because B.A.P released Highlights medley for their first full album titled first sensibility.

In the medley which was released on 27th last January , they tried all kinds of music genres such as acoustic dance, break beat, punky hip hop, slow jam, and even heavy metal. TS Entertainment confirmed about the release of the album. " B.A.P celebrate their second Birthday. We decided to pre-release album medley and thank the fans who always support them" the reprasentative of TS Entertainment said, as reported by Soompi.

The album will be released on the 3rd of February. A total of songs in the album are 13, where the leader Bang Yongguk became producer. New tracks such as 1004 ( Angel ) was released on 23rd January. The song ‘BABY’ also became a song that B.A.P present and really meaningful, especially for the BABY who always there to support B.A.P. I can’t wait to buy their album !

If BAP is a family , Yongguk can be called as their father. Youngjae and Himchan are the mothers. While Daehyun is the oldest child and Zelo is the maknae. Cute !
Zelo is the most dirty member because when they are in a reality show, all the members accused him rarely bathe. Oops!
Every member has their own tasks while in their dorm. Daehyun gets the task of cleaning toilets.
When he was in school period, Himchan joined the National Korean Traditional Music High School and passed with a full scholarship for her musical talent who deserves thumbs up.

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