B.A.P LOE Tour Details: Singapore Attack (Official Merchandise)

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Here is the list of B.A.P hi-5 session winners! Winners are to email to sales@fastrackevents.com for confirmation by 12th May, 6pm. Any email thereafter will strictly not be entertained.
BABYs who won may check out the FAQ for email format below

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Date: 30th May 2014
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Fountain Square, City Square Mall

How do I win Hi-5 pass?
- Purchase Cat 1 or Cat 2 ticket before 30th April (2359hours)
- Anyone who bought Cat 1 or Cat 2 before our announcement are entitled to the lucky draw too
-100 seats will be RANDOMLY selected, meaning 100 fans from Cat 1 and Cat 2 will win the pass
- Winners are chosen based on SEAT NUMBER, not by name of the concert ticket purchaser
- The list of winning seat numbers will be released on FTE FaceBook by 7th May.

I have won Hi-5 pass! What should I do next?
Step 1: 
- Winners are to email to sales@fastrackevents.com for confirmation in the format below by 12th May, 6pm:

Subject: Hi-5 Pass Winner
Contact Number:
Seat number:
*Kindly attach screenshot of the winning concert ticket

Step 2:
- FTE will reply to confirm your details. An authorization form will be attached, just in case you need to transfer it to someone else after our confirmation email.
- Upon your reply on the Hi-5 pass confirmation email, FTE will email you the Hi-5 e-pass. This must be presented on the hi-5 & autograph session day for wrist tagging. 

What documents do I have to present on Hi5 & Autograph session day?
Registration counter opens at 4.30pm on Hi-5 & Autograph session day.
- Fans need to present HI-5 epass, concert ticket & ID card at registration counter for verification purposes

How do I win autograph pass?
- Autograph passes have been given out on album collection day (22 March)
- A confirmation email has been sent to the 300 winners for particulars confirmation
- epass will be emailed to the 300 winners before 16 May
- Fans who wish to transfer autograph pass, kindly email to sales@fastrackevents.com by 9 May, 6pm

How to register if I won autograph pass?
Registration counter opens at 4.30pm on Hi-5 & Autograph session day.
- Fans need to present AUTOGRAPH e-pass & ID at registration counter for verification purposes

Other FAQs
Is the Autograph & Hi-5 session open to public?
Yes, it's open to the public. Just that those who won Hi-5 epass will get a chance to Hi-5 with ALL 6 B.A.P members, and those who won autograph pass will get a chance to receive autograph by one (1) of the B.A.P members AT RANDOM.

How is the flow of Hi-5 and autograph session like? What if I won both Hi-5 epass and autograph pass?
- Event starts with Hi-5 session, followed by autograph session.Upon registration/verification, we will tag all Hi-5 fans with one specific colour wrist tag, and autograph pass fans with six other different colours (randomly chosen) 
- For Hi-5 fans who won the autograph pass, they will be directed to Album Autograph Pass queue after the Hi-5 with B.A.P.

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Tickets can be purchased from www.sistic.com.sg and SISTIC outlets from 12pm on March 15th.

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B.A.P <First Sensibility> album priced at SGD20/piece.

When and how do I place order for <First Sensibility> album?
Starting 26th February, place your order by emailing us at sales@fastrackevents.com

Email us with the below format
Email Subject Title: BAP First Sensibility Album
I.C No./Passport No.: 
Contact Number:

Payment details will be emailed to you and invoice to be issued upon payment received. 

We accept orders from 26th February -18th March 2014. Album order strictly receive via EMAIL only. 

Why do I have to purchase from Fast Track Events?
Because...you stand a chance to win autograph pass to attend autograph session and get your album autographed by ONE (1) B.A.P member ;) 

How do I know if I'm qualified to win an autograph pass?
1. Purchase B.A.P's <First Sensibility> album from Fast Track Events. Email us with the format provided above and we will reply accordingly with payment method. 
2. We will email you on the details of album collection, attached with an invoice (upon payment received). Kindly present invoice upon album collection.  
3. You will be given a letter randomly upon collecting album from us. If you are the lucky winner, proceed to registration counter to leave your details.  
4. You will receive e-pass via email. Please bring along e-pass to Autograph Session for verification purpose.  
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More info will be share HERE

B.A.P Live On Earth Concert 2014 in Singapore will be on 31st May 2014 at The Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre. 


  1. Hi, is this only for Singaporean? I am Malaysian and planning to go to LOE Singapore. Is it possible for me to participate in this event? Thank you. :)

  2. selling concert ticket for $100 Cat4. pls msg me shineesdee@gmail.com

  3. selling concert ticket cat 2, row NE, seat no. 1, for $220 only. interested? email me: jazylah.j@gmail.com