B.A.P #1 on Music Bank! (140214) #BAP2ndWin

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Congratulations again boys!

- B.A.P cut Eng Subs

B.A.P cut Eng Subs

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Encore Stage Video
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  1. これは毎週Hanteoコミュニティにあがる予想スコアです。一般の人が今までの履歴を元に大体の数字を算出したものなので、正確な数字では無いです。なので実際のスコアと異なることが多々あります。(予想スコアと書かないとInt babyzは誤解するかもしれないですよ?)でも今週の1位が有力なのは間違いないですけどね♪^^

  2. How to support them in Music Bank??
    Do we just have to wait and cross finger???
    I hope they can sweep all the awards for this comeback.

    1. Music bank no voting from fan.
      Unfortunately, Int babyz can't help digital support , the only way we can help is physical support.

  3. Hi, Int babyz, It just predict from fans.Plase don't misunderstand !! (Please don't give Int babyz this like not official information)

  4. well,good luck again to our boyz. ;) i love the kbs' music bank where every artistes can perform so cool on stage. i want to see our boyz to sing and perform Live again bcuz i simply can't get enough of them and their new songs! ~hwaiting!^ ^/

  5. OhmyGod! i must be dreaming..again!^ ^ Thank you so much teamBYS,all babyz,kbs,tsent co.,challabros(doesntreallymattertheyarestillrelated!xD),supporters&voters-who-ain't-a-fan(lol),the backupdancers,sponsors,etc.and other chart shows too who make our favorite B.A.P boyz lead to succeed and make the impossible,possible. :) thank you,thank you,thank you so,so very much!! I love you all and you deserves my love and yet i'm not that even worthy!^ ^'v ~peace! ;) p.s. i hope to watch the encore(repeats)later afterward! even the american idol season 13 i missed watching it!xD later i watch the AI13 repeats too!^ ^' after that the repeats of the anime Hunter x Hunter latest story bcuz kbs' tv drama Melody of Love started at 7.30pm tonite(same telecast as the anime of Hunter x Hunter on Animax!) daeyum!! wae,wae,wae??^ ^ ok,byes!^ ^ hehe

  6. any fanaccount about their encore stage? Or MUBANK will release later?

  7. hmm not sure about the fanaccount thing though but music bank will be encore later at my place the time here will be like1.45am if not 1.46am in my country(korean time 2.45am if not 2.46am)

  8. oh,the kbs' tv drama i saw just now was at 7.27pm and not 7.30pm!^ ^' and yhe anime hunter x huntet begins at 7.33pm hehe^ ^'

  9. *typo: the / hunter

  10. oh and btw,have anyone watch c-clown just now on mu bank?? quiet a shocked! i was so surprised by myself when i saw their different performance! i dunno how to say this but that performance about them just now is so..weird. really. not like the old them. i prefer the old c-clown better than the new one,i think.