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B.A.P's 2nd victory in a music broadcast - "We'll do community work as a commitment for winning our first prize"

B.A.P who ensured their 2nd victory in a music programme, have made headlines with their commitment of winning the 1st place. 

In the episode of KBS2's Music Bank, which was transmitted on the 14th, "1004 (Angel)" of B.A.P has surpassed "Somenthing" of Girl's Day, and it was their first win of a first place in a public programme and their second, after winning the first place in the Show Champion.

This day, I found Youngjae in the waiting room and he expressed his thoughts saying "We are always grateful to our fans. We thank them for giving us so much interest and love. We want to give back all that effort and love to the fans. We’ll work hard, so please, watch for us!"

Youngjae also included his promise for their 1st win by adding  "Actually, there is a promise that we carry from our last album, and since we won the first place in the Show Champion (even if it wasn't the Music Bank), we wanted to complete it soon. Our Promise was "doing good acts with our fans," so we were thinking of going to the creek Cheonggye and pick up trash". He laughed heartily, by adding "Anyway, I heard that the creek Cheonggye is now much cleaner"

He continued and said "So we decided to do charity work this time." He revealed his plans of the promise of their 1st win by adding "I think we will probably do it soon"

Anyways, B.A.P are currently carrying out promotions for their first album, 'First Sensibility'.

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