B.A.P ‘1004(Angel)’ M/V sharing event!

Admin: Isa

M/V of ‘1004(Angel)’, the title of B.A.P’s full length album opened at noon today (Feb. 3rd). 

Among those who share ‘1004(Angel)’ M/V in B.A.P’s facebook, some will be given an autographed, promotional CD by holding a draw. (10 people)

[How to participate]
- Click ‘share’ for ‘1004(Angel)’ M/V on the wall of B.A.P facebook.
- Write a comment of your review.
- Check whether the review is uploaded on your facebook.

- Participate in the event until 6PM on Feb. 14th.
- Announcement of the winner: Feb. 18th.

- It is possible for foreign fans to take part in this event.
- Notice: you have to share it in public. We need to notice your sharing.

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  1. I've just share it with my review. Although I've shared it many times.