Vote for B.A.P in the 3rd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Admin: sammy

The official fancafe made a post about this awards show, so it's important!!! 
- It appears that only Babys with Korean Phone numbers can vote using this app after recent discoveries (a.k.a International Babys cannot vote) We know this is a great shame, but if this changes we will update immediately. Stay tuned babys!

(If you have a Korean phone number, please fill out the form that appears and then follow the tutorial below. If you need help doing this, please contact the BYS or contact us via facebook/twitter/tumblr/email.)
Thank you for your patience  #sammy

- These awards will be held on February 12, 7:00PM KST at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena
- Voting ends February 9th
- You can vote up to 5 times a day
- You must have a Facebook account to participate
- Only Android devices work
- Once you have used up your 5 votes, why not use another facebook account for extra contribution? ^^
- It is not yet confirmed whether B.A.P will attend the award ceremony yet, so stay tuned for confirmation.


1.) Download "KPOP AWARDS" from the Play Store and install it.

2.) Once you have opened the application, select "설정" (the settings icon), and select "OFF"

3.) Then click on the box on the left in the pop up notification.

4.) Now you should log into your facebook.

5.) Hopefully, the "OFF" has now turned into an "ON". Next, click on “충전하기” (the coins icon), and select "좋아요 하기 " (blue button the left).

6.) Like the facebook page.

7.) Once you are done, go back to the application and click on “충전하기” (the coins icon) again. 
Finally, click on “투표권받기” (blue button on the right) to receive your vote. ( click on “투표권받기” once a day to receive your “vote” . One “vote” given per day)

8.) Now select “투표하기” (the tick icon) and scroll all the way to the bottom to find B.A.P. Then click
 “투표” beside it.

9.) Click on “투표하기”

10.) When this notification box pops up, click “확인" (left box)

And congratulations! You have voted once for B.A.P. 

However... we can do more!


In order to get more coins (votes), you must download applications.

1.)  First select 충전하기 (coins) then 추천앱 (small red box), and then 충전하기 (next to 추천앱모음) 

2.)  Click on “충전하기” beside ANY application.

3.) Finally, click on “투표권 충전” to download the application (make sure you actually install it and open it!) Once you are done, click back, and click on ”투표권 충전” to receive your vote ! 

4.) Once you have done that, follow steps 7,8,9,10 in the tutorial above to use your vote. In order to make up 4 of these votes, you must repeat the above 3 steps until you have downloaded all applications.

Remember to repeat the process the next day!

Babys... FIGHTING!!!



  1. sorry but when i open the app, this sentence appears

    if i press the"확인"button, the app automatically shuts down

    1. That happens with me to the first time opened it it worked but then everh time i wanted to open it, it closes down immeadytely so id downloaded it again but now i get the same message as you do

  2. Sorry, I can't open this app. It's installed successfully, but every time I click on it, it shuts down.

  3. i don't see anything like that

  4. you must change your phone language first to Korean. and dont forget to check updates from play store

    1. I did as you say but it still didnt work out did it work with you

  5. I had the same problem with the other babyz up there.. i reinstalled it but the problem is not solved..
    I waited for couple days and tried again.. now when i open it it wants me to enter my phone number.. it seems like it have to be a korean phone number /i used google translate for this /..
    anyway.. it's not working with me.. :[

  6. Not working for me either.... when I open it, it seems like I have to fill out something :(