SUPPORT: B.A.P Forest Project: Help Plant Mango or Banana Trees in Burundi, Africa

Admin: Nicole

Payment Method: PAYPAL (
Deadline: February 3rd (Korea)

Your payment will be confirmed on twitter or by email

If you have any questions, please ask @_itChan, @chan_for_yoo, @Takeme_BAP, @illusionface or @tsbabyz


  1. Hi there, so i was wondering , if I want to donate do I just send the money to Or is there some form to full out or something?

  2. Do we contact them via twitter if we have questions?

  3. OH NO :/
    I found out about this just now :/
    if I knew before I would donate high amount to help :/

    I hope that this project was successful! BAP AND BABYZ are the best! ♥