BYS is known for organizing many projects and events within the year. We show our love and support for B.A.P through many projects for their releases and tours, we launch global campaigns for their promotion around the world and donate to charities under the members' name of their birthdays and other events. We also sometimes join the projects of other fanbases for collaboration.

You can contribute in these projects in many ways. Also feel free to drop us an email at bysfansite@gmail.com if you have any suggestions for an upcoming project or event. 

I am B.A.P's Ideal Baby Pledges
* "Good Deeds" Photobook & Memory Box for B.A.P's 1000th day (includes Wildlife Adoptions project for a Living Planet)

 * Artworks Contest on BYS FORUM
* "Fight For Freedom" Fanmade MV Shooting in Latvia (Europe)
* Global Campaigns for B.A.P's promotion (BYS STAFF & Partners)

* BYS STAFF donated to Stop Hunger Now for Daehyun's Birthday
* Korean Ferry Tragedy Support Project for Victims
* "2 Years With B.A.P" Collaboration Project for B.A.P's 2nd Anniversary
* BYS STAFF donated to World Wide Hearing for Himchan's Birthday
* BYS STAFF donated to UNICEF for Yongguk's Birthday
* BYS STAFF donated to Brain Tumor for Jongup's Birthday
* BYS STAFF donated to UNHCR for Youngjae's Birthday

* "#BAPA2013" Custom Awards for B.A.P from intl BABYs
* Kokeshi Dolls & Kanji Boards from intl BABYs for B.A.P's Debut in Japan
* Rice Wreath from BYS for Closing Concerts of LOE 2013
* Daehyun's Birthday Collaboration Project
* Personalized Puzzle Necklaces from intl BABYs for LOE 2013
* Video Project for B.A.P's 500th day
* LOE USA 2013 Support Project + Letters Collaboration Project for LOE USA
* Himchan's Birthday Collaboration Project
* Yongguk's Birthday Collaboration Project
* Letters Collaboration Project for LOE JAPAN
* "ONE SHOT" Promotions Support Project: Energy Patches
* Letter for B.A.P: For their well-being and health
* "365 Days With B.A.P" for B.A.P's 1st Anniversary

(Zelo's birthday project for 2013 has been cancelled due to lack of time, unfortunately)

* All 2012 projects has been realized through BAPFRANCOPHONE (previous name of BYS)

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