[B.A.P's 1000 Days PROJECT] EARTH NEEDS YOU! Volunteer or Donate Under B.A.P's Name!

Thank you to all participants! 

''If we have a slight power to make a better world''
For B.A.P's 1000th day, let's show them how they made a difference in our life and how they inspired us!

Instead of sending B.A.P tons of gifts, let's help our planet and people in need. 

B.A.P are insanely busy with concerts, broadcasts and working on new albums. Although they probably appreciate to receive fangifts and fanletters, we know that they receive too much stuff everyday. But there's other way to show our support and love to B.A.P. 

Give your time to elderly, children, abandoned animals or other. Through 2014, become a good samaritan by following B.A.P's inspirational footsteps to make the world a better place. 

We will include each fans "good deeds" report in an e-photobook (video) that we will send to B.A.P.

Make B.A.P proud on their 1000th day! 

1. Plan your own good deeds and submit your story before October 2014
2. Join BYS "Wildlife Adoptions for a Living Planet" sub-project: EARTH NEEDS YOU!

Scroll down for details.

1. Do good deeds and submit your story before October 2014
  1. GREATER GOOD: Purchase clothes and jewelry on Greater Good's shop site (every purchases gives to a cause you choose: fighting famine, funding diseases researches, helping animals in shelters, giving the opportunity to poor children to go to school, and protecting the planet). 
  2. VOLUNTEER for hospitals, animal shelters, senior homes, schools/day cares/after school centers, Red Cross, soup kitchens for homeless and needy, women and children's shelters, garbage clean ups, etc.
  3. GIVE food, clothing, toys, blood, or hair to those in need.
  4. Any other idea that you think would be good and help someone or a cause in any way. 
You can submit more than 1 good deed: The more we receive, the better! Remember, our goal is to collect 100 good deeds stories from international fans! 

How to send your story:
Fill up the form below and send it to BYSFANSITE@GMAIL.COM with the subject "Good Deeds"
  • Name: 
  • Country: 
  • Small description of your good deed (a few words only):
  • Attach a picture: If you did an activity, attach a picture of you doing the activity. If you donated to a cause, or purchased something to sponsor a charity, take a selca with a certificate of donation or your purchase! 
☆ Your picture, name and country will be included in a small book that will be given to B.A.P with the memory box. It will also be included in our Good Deed video.
The e-photobook will include all BYS charity projects for B.A.P: Planting Peace, Brain Tumor, UNHCR, UNICEF, Greater Good, World Wide Hearing, Stop Hunger Now, DREAME KR and many others through collaboration projects. 

2. EARTH NEEDS YOU! Symbolically adopt an endangered animal for a living planet

☆ Yongguk tweeted/RTed Greenpeace about the campaign #ProjectParadise and also about biodiversity and conservation. Let's give more attention to our beautiful planet! 

Protecting endangered species might sound useless, but it's not! Important species such as the tiger or the shark regulates the planet's ecosystems that provides humans with food, water and fresh air. More than 2,000 species disappear each year because of human's pressure on the environment. Nature sustains all life on Earth, and the protection of the wildlife has a direct impact on the survival of ALL of us.

All adoption will help the world's biggest conservation organization, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to create a future for people to live in harmony with nature. 


1) Adopt an animal under the name of B.A.P (minimum 50 USD donation and includes freebies from BYS: B.A.P wristbands or necklace + matoki keychain!)
  • Your name + B.A.P name will be on the certificate AND you will receive the adoption kit by mail, which includes: The official certificate of adoption, a plush and a photo of the animal. 
  • Animals you can adopt: Sea Turtle, Red Panda, Koala, Polar Bear, Grey Wolf, Giant Panda, Caribou, Jaguar, Grizzly Bear, Orca
  • Your name, country and adoption will be mentioned in our e-photobook. If you'd like to, we can also include a selca of you holding the certificate! 

2) Adopt an animal with other people (minimum 5 USD donation)
  • A fan once asked us if a group of fans can adopt an animal together. So for example, each person donate 5-10 $ or more until the group reach the 50 $ needed for the adoption. So it's a 'combined adoption' ^^
  • We will propose one animal at a time, and all donors' name/country will be added on the certificate of adoption. There will be only one certificate of adoption though, BYS staff will keep 
  • The certificate of each adoptions will be included in the e-photobook. 
(100% raised)

  1. Combined adoption: BYS adopted a Tiger Family
  2. Combined adoption: A Grey Wolf has been adopted by Lim (SG), Lucie (CZ), Tessa (US), Chelsea (UK), Nicole (GE), Valerie (UA), Georgette (US), Denise (DE)
  3. Combined adoption: A Koala has been adopted by Dana (DE), Melanie (DE), Gilda (CL)
  4. Combined adoption: A Jaguar has adopted saved
  5. Elizabeth (USA) adopted a Jaguar
  6. Valerija (Latvia) adopted a Koala
  7. Alessia (Germany) adopted a Caribou
  8. Senshi (Singapore) adopted a Jaguar and a Grey Wolf
  9. Nur Asifah (Malaysia) adopted a Jaguar
  10. Bruna (Portugal) adopted a Lynx
  11. Anastasia (Russia) adopted Giant Panda
  12. Serena (Singapore) adopted an Orca Whale
  13. Clare (Singapore) adopted an Orca Whale and a Jaguar
  14. Katrina (USA) adopted a Grizzly Bear
  15. Lena (USA) adopted a Giant Panda
  16. Jolen (USA) adopted an Orca
  17. Shay (Israel) adopted a Jaguar
  18. Nicole (Germany) adopted a Giant Panda
  19. WEEBAP (USA) adopted a Caribou
  20. Dana Steenbuck (Germany) adopted a Tiger
  21. Melanie Hoffman (Germany) adopted a Giant Panda
  22. Ana Leticia (USA) adopted an African Elephant and a Tiger
  23. Musyfirah (Singapore) adopted a Tiger Family
  24. Alisha (USA) adopted a Sea Turtle
  25. Nandita (Indonesia) adopted a Caribou
  26. Sut (Australia) adopted a Giant Panda
  27. Mei-Yu (Taiwan) adopted a Polar Bear and a Grey Wolf
  28. Jasmine (USA) adopted a Sea Turtle
We also accept donation through WESTERN UNION
*Contact us at bysfansite@gmail.com for donation by Western Union*

Remember: A $ 50 + USD donation will allow you to fully adopt an endangered animal under B.A.P's name. All donations under $ 50 USD will be used for our Combined Adoptions.
If the link doesn't work, please click [HERE].

When you are done sending your donation, please fill up the form below. If you can't see the form, follow this [link]. 

Thank you so much for joining our project! 
The video, small book and memory box will be sent to B.A.P a week before October 23, 2014. 


  1. Where is the form to fill out ? ^^

    1. I think you should ask this at ask.fm/bysfansite no?^ ^

    2. under the: How to Participate headline ^^

    3. why not remind them teamBYS on their email or at that ask.fm which i've mentioned before. they will try their best to reply to all although they were like super-duper busy these days and patience is needed(is a must)^ ^

    4. Can't seem to find form either??

  2. Can we submit more than 1 good deed?

  3. You have too many projects going on at once. I work in the nonprofit sector and it's just too much, you should focus your energy and write a more clear concise summary.

    1. We actually sponsor two charities only, one concerning the environment, the other concerning people. Why is that too much?
      Please give us advices on how to concise more our project.

    2. Personally I don't think its a lot, just in terms of the adoption one because their are a list of various animals to adopt and the info added for the memory box. Although I do understand why you would think its too much because of the much information about it, I also volunteer/work in the nonprofit sector and I think they just wanted to add info to get Babyz interested in why its important. Although I'm sad that the Child soldiers one got cancelled D: I think the adoption is still good plus any other "good deeds" helps :)

    3. not at once, maybe she/he want said that our projects never end or we're always have a project to do. maybe like that ^^
      but i love what this site do, always donated, wuaaaa a great kind fanbase! :*

    4. Yes^ I agree, since they do so much <3

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  5. Hi Nagata,
    It's stated up there "1. Do good deeds and submit your story before October 2014"

  6. I am gIng to help in an color run event in germany in september :) the event donats a part from the money from each runner. Does helping as an volunteer for this event count too? :) i could wear an bap t-shirt or something else while helping :)

  7. I was wondering how do I donate as a group to reach to $50 for wildlife adoption?

  8. How does this whole adopting thing work? Will they track the animal and work to keep it safe? Or is just a donation method...

    1. You don't adopt a particular animal. Your 'symbolic' adoption will help the organization to preserve the habitat of the animal, and that will contribute to save an entire population.

  9. Hi guys, I just wanted to check the validity of this WWF thing (I think it's a great idea but I want to make sure it's valid before donating). So I saw on WWF website that you can adopt an animal for $25 and get the photocard and certificate. I'm assuming you're using the $55 adoption package, which includes a stuffed animal and gift bag. For an additional $30, a stuffed animal and gift bag.... I'm not sure how it works honestly...for a stuffed animal and gift bag to be $30. Do you know where the extra money goes? I hope I don't come off as mean D: but I just want to make sure...

    1. We are working with WWF Canada. An adoption is 40 CAD, and at BYS we ask for 50 CAD to cover shipping fees to the adoptant's house.
      The donation includes a stuffed animal, a certificate and a poster of the animal.

      If you have any further question, please ask at bysfansite@gmail.com, thank you!

  10. what does it mean by 50% saved over the koala :o

    1. 50% = The amount of money donated in saving that Koala^^ Hope that makes sense~~

  11. what if i do an activity, but i don't have the picture, is it okay?

  12. Is it okay if I send in my deed on Oct 1st? Or are you not accepting anymore that day?