Do Not Edit Fantaken Photos & Please Report those Who Do

Admin: Nicole

Please, DO NOT edit fantaken photos. Fansites work hard to get these beautiful pictures of B.A.P that we all enjoy, and disrespecting their hard work is unacceptable.

We ask all Babys to please respect these fansites, and also to report this fb page which has been editing out fansite logos and inserting their own (they have also done the same with photos from BYS projects). For example, they have taken photos from Turn Up!, as well as MANY other fansites and edited in their own logo which is NOT allowed.

On the left is Turn Up! original photo, on the right is the edited one.

You can report the page on facebook by clicking the drop down menu near the like and follow button, and select "Report page."

If you see edited fantaken photos elsewhere, do not share them. If acts of disrespect such as these continue, many fansites may just stop giving us pictures since their hard work is not appreciated.

Let's enjoy the pictures fansites give us and respect their golden rule of "DO NOT EDIT!" Thank you Babys!


  1. or just ask if you can edit them.
    i asked mr.cheetos and they said its ok ^^

    1. I don't think you can remove their logo and add yours on their pictures, though.

    2. no no, i keep them on the picture!
      i didn't wanted to tell everyone that it's ok to remove them.
      that's not ok! everyone should know where the original picture is from!^^
      your post is completely right!^^ sorry i forgot to add that i keep the logo^^

  2. but i'm only allowed to upload them on my private facebook and my jongup facebook fanpage.

  3. Jongup is 'looking' at the fan logo..keukeu

  4. that goes the same thing to the fanarts too though. claiming someone elses artworks as their rights is the same thing as stealing and that's a no-no. either they edit it or scraped off the watermark when it ain't exactly theirs,is also the same. that,unless if the real owners of those fanarts allowed them to do so then we won't complain any further.