[NOTICE] The footage of B.A.P "1004" MV was about 30 seconds long

Admin: Nicole

We originally shared what Korean fanbases were saying, but turns out there was some confusion, it was only an extended preview shown on KBS ^^ Sorry for the confusion. However, many Korean Babys have been on SNS upset about so much of the MV being aired before the official release  (though it's unclear if it was a choice by KBS and/or TS).

Original post:

"After KBS Full House the 1004 music video came out. We hope that there aren't people who upload the music video or soundtrack on youtube or share it. Even if you are curious on the music video and song, please don't listen to it until the official release."

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  1. i missed the original post and then i see this post, so i'm confused!!???? but i see there is nothing big deal here. ^^

    1. It was just a false alarm ^^ We asked our Korean Translators to check online for anything to back up what Korean fanbases were saying, and it seemed like many K-Babys were saying the same thing on their own SNS so we shared the same thing. Not sure how everything got so confused, but luckily there was nothing to worry about ^o^

  2. i'm saw it at Bapricetofu youtube account =[[[[[[[[[