GIVEAWAY: New Years Gift from BYS and a Dutch BABY!

Admin: Isa

The two winners of the giveaway are 
Tram and Esther, both from United States! Congratulations!!!

Girls, we've sent you an email! Please check your inbox and reply as soon as possible! 
Thank you to the 200+ participants of this giveaway! Also thank you again to this wonderful Dutch BABY that donated her 2 extra albums for the giveaway :")

We will organize another giveaway for the 1st album, so stay tuned on BYS!

A generous BABY from the Netherlands sent us these two "One Shot" Japanese Single (Type B) with the photocard from the first press and the group photo. 

It will be our New Year gift! All you have to do to win one of the single is either sharing, retweeting or rebloging this post and spread the word about BYS! You must also follow our Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr accounts to qualify. 

When it's done, fill up the form below and cross fingers! 
* Only send one form. You can share the contest's post as much as you want, but it won't give you more chances to win. 

Form is Disabled

Winners will be announced on January 15th.


  1. It's actually a Dutch Baby..
    sorry I couldn't help myself.. I'm weak.

    1. It is a Dutch Baby indeed~ Omo I'm so happy though! A DUTCH BABY. Ik hou van jou~ *imitates Yongguk's voice*

  2. I'm tempted to join for the photocard but, I already have 2 types of this One Shot so I leave it to those Babyz who need it more.