Naver's January Music Special: B.AP's Comeback

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A Leap to a High Place, B.A.P Comeback!
[First Sensibility] Comeback Photos Exclusively Revealed

Tracks That Make a Complete ‘Consensus’

Having three mini-albums, 4 single albums, and finally their first full album [First Sensibility], B.A.P have started to take a leap to a higher place! Appealing a new appearance as a man, the record of first sensibility they are searching for has finally been revealed. As the main producers of this album, the combo Kang Jiwon-Kim Kibum who have worked with B.A.P for a long time now, have put in a wide number of genres and varying messages, as if to demonstrate B.A.P’s competence and endless possibilities. Being completely filled with a staggering 13 tracks with varying melodies, it is not just filled quantitatively; it is solid yet has a flowing in texture, has a high degree of perfection, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it itself is a ‘masterpiece’. As if it is a prism shining off all the hidden light of the artist B.A.P, the first full album [First Sensibility] reveals the personality of each of the six members while encompassing the whole album with a deep emotion; leaving a significance and lingering image beyond a full album to surprise listeners.

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