IMPORTANT NOTICE: BYS has ben scammed

Admin: Isa


We've connected to our site as the main URL. Our old URL, is still under the name of the person who scammed it. We're trying to get it back at a decent price. Sorry for the inconvenience, and if you can, please continue to spread the word about our new address.

So as you can see, is down. You can temporary access BYS using

We will call Google today to connect to Blogger as the site's main URL. 

So what happened is that expired yesterday and a second later, someone purchased it because of the high traffic of BYS and expect to make revenue with it. It was simply scammed by Wendy Webbe, a scam-artist. We are so pissed right now, you don't even understand. 

We will try to purchase the domain again from that person, hoping that the price won't be too high. If we succeed, it will be reconnected to the site as a redirection and all previous links from BYS will work again. 

People who usually use to access the site might me confused if they don't know what happened. 

That's why we ask EVERYONE to spread the word about the current issue. Please tell people that they can use for now and that we'll be back soon as 

Thank you so much for your help. Best would be to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 

- BYS founder, Isa


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    1. Eh!? where do all my comments go!? who gobbled it!?xD lucky i do some re-checking here! lol ah,well.. glad you guys are back once again! Been dying to know more about the latest news from our precious princes!^ ^

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  3. OMG , hope everything is going to be okay soon. Fighting leader-nim . Wishing that all the efforts that you have done all this while will make everything easier :)

  4. I just found out from bysfansite's twitter. although i dont have a twitter i still gotta to find a way to look for it. :)

  5. so~the name of the scammer is wendy webbe huh? shame on her! I mean whats the point of doing it anyway? got nothing better to do? surely got no shame at all.

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