Happy Birthday Youngjae! #ItsYjayDay

From BYS admins

Related project: BYS donated to the UNHCR for Youngjae's birthday

Today is Yoo Youngjae's 21st Birthday! (Korean age)

To Babys, Youngjae is truly an inspiration with his hard work, intelligence and dedication to his singing. His voice never fails to wow us, but amazingly, he still manages to improve on his already perfect vocals. He also shows his drive in learning new things, such as his Japanese which is always getting better! Considering he also studies during B.A.P's crazy schedule just goes to show what a hardworking and dedicated person Youngjae is.

Youngjae used to be one of the sweetest, fluffiest guys ever, but lately he's become the #1 bias list ruiner ever since he learned how to be sexy Jae. No one can stop him to become even better in singing and dancing. His voice will continue to gain more hearts as the time pass, and we will continue to rely on him to find answers to every of our questions with his mature, helpful advice.

Youngjae can be the perfect man and the perfect best friend too, with his smile that melts hearts, his breathtaking voice, his troll personality and kind heart.

Happy birthday to Yoo <3

With love,
- TeamBYS


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,NYAENYAE!!^ ^ i love you!! your cheeks stay fluffy as always and dont you ever lose it! lol if you are here(at my place),i'm gonna tie you up and never will ever let you go!!xDDDDD hahaha i dont care!xP lol

  2. haha our mr.sexy,babycute precious prince jae..look what you've done to all the babyz,you bias list ruiner you,nawty-nawty you!! lololololololol