Congratulations to B.A.P on their 2nd anniversary! #2YearsWithBAP

From BYS admins

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We hope the neck warmers and supplement drinks reached them safely! Also, Planting Peace received our donation, and B.A.P will get the donation letter!

It's been two amazing years since our blonde aliens from Mato debuted, and time has gone by so fast! We've seen them grow from Warriors into Badmen, and they have never wavered in making the music they want with the message they want to get across.  They have achieved so much in such a short time, bringing their music to many different parts of the world and keep moving closer to becoming global artists. They haven't stopped working to make their music better and better, and they keep surprising us with their continued creativity and versatility.

We've seen them grow artistically, but also individually. Let's continue to inspire each other and become better people. B.A.P and BABYz can change the world together!

BYS 2nd anniversary will be in 3 days!!! \(^O^)/
We'll take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support and help! It's always a pleasure to work for you guys and fo B.A.P. Let's pursue our mission together until we succeed! We will do our best to continue to improve BYS, and we will always be open for suggestions. Our job is really important to us, and we thank you for your trust in our team! 

TeamBYS love you as much as we love B.A.P! 

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  1. ~yaaayyssss!! Happy 2nd anniversary to our sweet,playful,lovable & precious babyboyz,B.A.P!!^ ^ your hardwork(B.A.P and also not to forget all babyz in s.korea,japan & international who supported our boyz,teamBYS,other sponsors & companies,etc.)is my entire happiness and what keeps me going!!^ ^ keep moving forward and love you all,with all of my love~ hwaighting!!^ ^/