SUPPORT: Buy your tickets for DKFC from BAPPH!

Admin: Isa

Our partner fanbase BAPPH  are selling tickets for DKFC2 on February 2, 2014, since B.A.P will be performing at the concert. 

If you’re interested please fill up the form below:

You can send your payment via meet up or Western Union within 24 hours. Please contact them through for details. 

*If you're living away from Metro Manila, they can send you our BPI Bank Account details via email. 

Ticket Prices 

  • Gen Ad (Gen Admission) - P1,575
  • Silver (Upper Box B Regular) - P3,150
  • VIP Silver (Upper Box B VIP) - P4,200
  • Gold (Upper Box A Regular) - P5,250
  • VIP Gold (Upper Box A VIP) - P6,300
  • Platinum (Lower Box Regular) - P9,975
  • VIP Platinum (Lower Box VIP) - P11,025
  • VIP Diamond (Patron Seated) - P12,600
  • SVIP (Patron Standing) - P12,600
  • 100% sure buyers only.
  • This is for both local and international fans. 
  • Your seats will be randomly assigned, but we'll make sure that you'll get the best seats available.
Deadline of orders for the first batch: Next Saturday

1 comment:

  1. the filipino babyz are so lucky bcuz they're going to experience a whole new level from our boyz(maybe)and also have a chance to hear them sing Live on stage with their new song(s). woah~the jealousness of this,i can feel it burning hot inside me!x\ lol^ ^ p.s. in other words from that,nobody can pull a stunt like how B.A.P did/does or do on stage :)