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  • Yongguk (ID is Bang yongguk)
Websites and group's SNS:

B.A.P's Official DAUM Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN

The fancafe is a place where Korean fans and International fans can meet. It's a bit like a forum where you can share with each other. This is also the place where TS ent post all schedules, videos and photos about B.A.P. All B.A.P members have an account on the fancafe and they often log in and read fans' messages. Himchan's fansite (StrongBabe) is located on B.A.P's fancafe! He posts his pictures in the By. B.A.P board. 

About rank: 

  • Level 1: Registered members (limited)
  • Level 2: Can read almost all boards on the fancafe
  • Level 3: Official BABY* (bought the official membership), have access to exclusive contents on the fancafe
  • Level 4: B.A.P's members
  • Level 5: Fancafe's admins
  • Level 6: Fancafe's master
To know where to find your rank, click here

B.A.P's official fanclub is open to both local and overseas fans. The registration for the membership (about 15,000 won a year) is done during November/December of each year. 

The registration for BABY 3기 will start in fall 2014, and the membership includes privileges for Level 3 member of the fancafe, priority attendance for concerts & broadcasts in Korea, and the official BABY goods kit (scheduler, photocards, official ID card, and more).

How to navigate on the fancafe (No Mercy era)
*Will be updated soon*