B.A.P's 100th Day since their Japan Debut is today (Jan. 16)!

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There's still a few more hours left of B.A.P's 100th Day since their Japan debut, so let's try our best to get #BAP100daysJAPAN trending Babys!

It's already been 100 Days since B.A.P's debut in Japan! They posted a notice on official HP as well as a video message in the Baby Japan fanclub.

B.A.P 100 Days since Japan Debut! Video message
Admin note: The fanclub video posted was LQ, sorry ^^

Yongguk: Everyone from Baby Japan, we are B-
All: A, P yessir!
Himchan: Everyone, do you remember our Japan debut?
Youngjae: Yes.
Himchan: We were really nervous right!
Daehyun: So today is a special day for B.A.P and Baby Japan. 
Himchan: Do you know?
Youngjae: Last year, in October, B.A.P debuted (in Japan) with our first single Warrior, and it's already been 100 days since then!

 Congratulations on 100 days since B.A.P Japan debut

Zelo: *looking like he forgot his lines* ….It went by fast, didn't it! 
Himchan: It seems like we just debuted yesterday.
Youngjae: you were together with us for the Warrior and One Shot singles, and also the Warrior Begins tour, so we cannot forget these memories. 
Daehyun: Thank you very much for everyone in Japan who supports us.  *bows*
All: Thank you very much! *bowing*

Jongup: From this point on, please continue to listen to our music a lot and to support us. 
Zelo: We want to meet everyone soon! ….*forgot his lines again* *Daehyun slaps him on the back* ….We love you…We'll be together "Aien ni" (he mispronounced "forever" it's supposed to be "even") 

Himchan: From here on now, let's make more memories!
Yongguk: Please continue to support us in the future. That's all, we are B-
All: A, P Yessir!

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  1. lemme say something nice here. :) you boyz are just as beautiful and just as lovely as the way you are just like before and after(til now). to be quite honest i've never like kpop music until i get to know you boyz,B.A.P. thanks to my liking and research about art on google especially when i got stumbled upon to your matoki,i was able to acknowledge you boyz even further more!^ ^ that is one case of a real and honest story from me and by not truing making up. :)

    1. *by not trying to make things up // honestly,your songs are getting better and better after i bought all of the album except for bang&zelo's never give up single(where no more selling and i got so frustrated)but nevertheless it is an exiciting adventure for me from you boyz. you boyz are bringing all(mostly some maybe..i don't remember)the songs/musics of yours like coming right out from the 90s. and it brings back some precious memories to me during my era. Thank you once again,boyz. remember that your most valuable awards is your fans not the real awards that you got from an events or so. but awards you achieved from the events are also good too. meaning that you boyz are well-recognized. but what most important is about your songs. your music must be accepted good by your fans and general or,and internationally. and that is one good response. no,by far it was your greatest achievement. :)