Yesasia 2013 Bestsellers: B.A.P #4 for male artists, "One Shot" #5 for Kpop album, "1st Adv." #10 for K-pop DVD

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B.A.P on Yesasia's 2013 Bestsellers Rankings

1st Adventure 10,000 Miles in America DVD is #10 on Bestselling K-pop DVDs of 2013

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B.A.P "Warrior" #7 & "One Shot" #10 on Yesasia's 2013 J-pop Singles Bestsellers



  1. lol,i think i've lost my count watching again and again repeatedly to that 10,000 miles in america dvd!xD so~it was the SF(san francisco)babyz who came cheering ou t to our boyz at their airport!^ ^ and my mistake again for saying our Jonguppie is the one who almost get caught dancing all the time everywhere the boyz go when in fact it was our
    sweet,cute and lovely,adorable big baby boy maknae,Zelo who mostly,mostly did!! lol he was so hyperactive!xD and ohmygawdyouhotsexyyouDaehoneyyou!!!!x3 you are so damn cheerful,everytime you talk you feel like you wanted to laugh at all the time! hehehe,a bit like me,huh!xP lol and nyaenyae(bbJae)~lol love you so so very much much and much(lol),you mr.crazysexycute cool
    you naughty,sweet photographer,you!!xDDD and you for existing/being born! i got goosebumps while watching him smiling with his gummy smiles everytime it shows and his clean & beautiful white teeth too,ohmy! and how
    could i not fell for his sexy laughs,the laughters of precious!! i almost die!!><
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and Guppie~hehehe,still handsome-dorky-cute-funny-sexy as usual and
    as always!^ ^' lol and last but not the least,our bbChanie,wOo~you stand out too dear,very neat,handsome and sexy! so proud of you. stay cool and funny,ok? ;) my
    conclusion before i go,i still love those two beautiful sexy ladies at the hurricane filmshoot in the making of at LV(las vegas)!!xD if i were the director of that hurricane mv,i will allowed them to dance to join in the fun! bcuz when they do that it feels like the
    girls are supporting our boyz for the current event even if by means they don't have a clue of who our boyz is/are!xDDD my final verdict to this 10,000 miles in america: 10/10 nope,i'm not exaggerating and nope,not bcuz i'm a biased to our boyz bcuz this is my
    real,honest opinion. it's not boring,really. lastly to our babyboyz,stay
    sweet,charming,sexy and funn and be just the way you are,ok? ;) ok~then!^ ^ phew~ lol p.s. once again love you boyz and the TS Entertainment team(all of them!!),you all are the best!! ;)

  2. and to the B.A.P's english translator,i thank you too!x)