B.A.P New Years greeting for Baby Japan/Mobile Site

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- Baby Japan New Years card

- The video is available for Baby Japan and Japan Mobile site members but they posted a different version on TSENT2008 account ^^
- The New Years Card was mailed to Baby Japan members (only Himchan and Yongguk signed theirs, Himchan's is the green bubble [Signed "Himuuchan"] and Yongguk's is the yellow alien)

The greetings all just say "Happy New Year," "Support us this year too," and "Good fortune"

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Yongguk: Hello Baby Japan, we are B,
All: A, P Yessir! Hello!
Himchan: Everyone, it's a new year-
All: Happy New Year!

Himchan: Last year was really great, wasn't it?

Youngjae: Yes, we debuted in Japan, with our first single-
Jongup: "Waaaarriiooor" *dances*
Himchan: *with a straight face* Hoo!

Youngjae: - And our second single -
Zelo: "One Shot!"
Youngjae: And had our Arena tour!
Daehyun: Thanks to everyone, we made many memories! Thank you!
Youngjae: Thank you!
Himchan: This year as well, please support our music and our message!
Youngjae: Sometime soon, we can meet everyone from Baby Japan perhaps? It's-


Himchan: *grabs Youngjae* That's still a secret!
Youngjae: But probably-
Daehyun: Aaah! *also grabs Youngjae*  Everyone, please keep supporting us and expect (lots) from us!
Youngjae: Because of your cheers we want to do our best
Zelo & Jongup: Please look after us this year too! 

Yongguk: That's all, we're B,
All: A, P Yessir!
Daehyun: Thank you!

© bapyessir.com #Nicole


  1. hahaha love that new year card for the japanese babyz!^ ^ the drawings though,hehehe..nevermind! still loving it!x)

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