B.A.P Donated Rice, Milk and Eggs to the Children

Admin: Chanmol

Group B.A.P has donated eggs, rice and milk for the children. Dreamy (a company) has given 4.28 tons of rice, 3500 eggs, and 1004 milks to the disability center. All the things that are donated by B.A.P is from the international fans which were given as a gift for the creation of the fan club. Dreamy has handed over to the center in replace of B.A.P.

Korea and other countries like Japan, China, Hongkong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, France, England, America, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and about 20 different countries has participated to donate 4.28 tons of rice, 3500 eggs, and 1004 milks, 330kg of animal food, 1860 coals, 81 mango trees and more. 

Also Japan fans have sent rice to B.A.P Bang Yongguk to support him for the B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour.

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  1. I'm so proud with BABYs :)

  2. yeah,me too. way to go babyz! once again,thank you for helping others who are in needs and may god bless your soul.