B.A.P 2 Year Anniversary & Their New Strategy

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B.A.P is looking to set themselves apart from other boy groups for their 2 year anniversary.
January 27th marked the 2 year anniversary for boy group B.A.P. They're looking to set off a revival among teen fans and set themselves above other boy groupsAt the time of B.A.P's debut, most boy groups were targeting female fans in their 20s and 30s, but B.A.P set off to capture the teen fans, much like H.O.T did back in the day. They came out with their tough hip hop and straightforward rap, not to mention their charismatic choreography. In their debut performance on SBS"Inkigayo," their fierce determination even led to a part of their stage breaking down.
And they captured the teens' attention. Before they debuted as a group, the members got their faces and names out there through solo promotions and unit activities. Accordingly, they amassed a significant number of teen fans, 3,000 of which appeared at their debut showcase. To have that kind of impact on teens at their debut showcase was indicative of their ability to revive teen fans.
B.A.P's strategy was to hold comebacks very often and greet their teen fans over and over again. In their first year B.A.P released a new song every 3 months, and didn't take a break from their activities. They didn't even give their fans a chance to avert their attention elsewhere. This had a quick effect on increasing their fandom. They built up their fandom steadily, and was able to hold their first solo concert just one year into their debut. This was a record for idol groups.

Their tough music earned them popularity among teen fans, to be sure, but that wasn't all. They caught the attention of fans in Europe as well. On German charts B.A.P's new song was highlighted as the number 1 upcoming new song.
What's interesting to note here is that B.A.P isn't part of a large agency. They're agency TS Entertainment is a mid-sized company. Even still, they were able to produce large scale music videos, go on tours to the Americas and Japan. For their upcoming comeback B.A.P's huge promotion posters can be seen in major Korean cities such as Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, in subway terminals and on major buildings.
B.A.P is planning to increase their popularity even more with their upcoming first full length album, which is scheduled for release on February 3rd. They've already built up much anticipation with their big-scale advertisements. It can be said here that B.A.P has set themselves apart in the past 2 years. They are sure to expand their fandoms to include fans in their 20s and 30s. Their upcoming album teaser stills depict the members in black suits. They're coming back with a sexy yet dandy image concept.
A rep from TS Entertainment stated, "Right now is a very important moment for B.A.P, who has built up a large fandom for the past 2 years. You can look forward to B.A.P's new concept in the upcoming album."

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