TeamBYS wish you Happy Holidays!

Admin: Isa

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years from all of us in teamBYS!
Not all of us were able to participate, but a hand full of us were! We thank you for your support and all your participation this year.
We hope your holidays are full of happiness and joy as we close this year of 2013.

Let's greet 2014 together BABYz!

With love,
- teamBYS


  1. Am wishing you all, too! The BLESSINGS and Joys of the Christmas Seasons
    and have a Very Happy New Year in advanced TeamBYS <3
    Thank You so much TeamBYS for your ALL FULL UNDYING SUPPORT as well
    to our B.A.P. I LOVE YOU TeamBYS!!! Looking forward 2014!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    131225 Wed 3:11 PM JST

  2. happy holidays and also have a happy new year up ahead! :)

  3. Thank you very much ! Merry christmas & holidays !

  4. Awww its great to see u guys!!!! :D

  5. I've seen the video just now and wow,you admins are so awesomazing!! I didn't know there's a male admin in our teamBYS but I'm truly proud to know you,sir! hehe(I don't quite catch your name clearly,so sorry!^ ^') and you all are so beautiful and sweet looking too! honest!^ ^ and I'm not even worthy! haha okay,that's all it BYS babyz. :) do what you gotta do but don't forget to look after your health and your loved ones too! I'll
    never stop myself supporting you and our boyz bcuz never in my life feel as happy as this. life is so dull without you guys and the boyz. so,once again teamBYS,B.A.P,TS Ent.,hwaitiiiing!!!!!^ ^l I've no regret joining being part of/with you all. once again,I thank you. :)

  6. *and also,I really love you all. :)

  7. We love teamBYS! Thank you for all your hard work towards this fan site! Take care and happy holidays!

  8. Happy holidays ! I love you guys :) , thank you for everything , I really love this fansite !