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December, i think it's a month where you can look back at yourself and promise yourself. also i think it's a month where you can love the people around you. if you have something that you are sorry or upset tell them first, because that person might be hesitating to tell you too! family, friend, and colleagues let's love everyone by laughing happily and sharing. finish up December well and see you at the fanmeeting.

I'm sorry i couldn't upload a lot of pictures. i want to upload all of them but some of them are shaky, it's because i couldn't take pictures well please forgive me. and don't be sad if you came to the concert and you aren't in the picture because our concert will continue ^^! i took some pictures with my ipod so they are not the greatest quality but please understand me keke this year is ending so fast, i'm happy that i made a lot of memories. did you accomplish your 2013 goals? if you didn't you can do it in 2014! i am going to write down things that i want to accomplish in 2014. first, it's only drink two cups of coffee a day. i'm going to start with the one i can do keke

hello it's Himchan long time no see keke. the weather gotten colder right? it's winter where snow is falling and you can see your breath. because we debuted in winter, when this season comes around i remember the days when we were practicing and sweating always before our debut. if you ask why i am talking about this, i think there are things that brings people nostalgia. scent, season, music and ect, anything that contains memory. so does pictures. i thinking about looking at picture that gives me nostalgia. not a concert that only we enjoyed but i was happy because we were all together.

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  1. Wow~sugoi~superb! splendid! magnificient! gomawo,babyChanie! U R da best in taking photos! ;) luv ya~ **viewing while playing music at the background on my phone tab at the moment is Your Love - Nicki Minaj after a song called La La La - Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith

  2. ikr! lol he should join with the team BYS!xD

  3. OMG! these are all AWESOME! DAEBAK B.A.P Channie !
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