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- This episode was recorded on December 10. It was first aired December 17, and B.A.P also featured on the December 24 episode special.

131224 Special BTS Talk Eng Subbed

B.A.P Performance (Yongguk Focus)


 B.A.P Talk & Performance cut (131224)
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B.A.P Cut (131217)

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Caption: All of a sudden Daehyun’s brain became complex

Himchan: One.. two.. three

Daehyun: No we have to do it all together

Himchan: Just do it one by one

Caption: While the hyungs are absorbed in choosing the trendy member

Daehyun: What are you doing during the recording?

Caption: I’m bored play with me

Youngjae: Get up!

Caption: Maknae’s Aegyo blast

Caption: The maknae’s disobedient aegyo  is responded with a spanking

Daehyun: I’m going to reveal your underwear

Caption: Gets up quickly

Himchan: Now, 2013 B.A.P’s greatest trending member.. one, two, three

Caption: Almost in big trouble

Caption: B.A.P’s 2013 trendy member is?

Caption: Youngjae 2 Daehyun 1

Youngjae: Thank you, I knew that you would pick me

Caption: Relaxed B.A.P’s official trendy member Youngjae

Himchan: Always with short, I mean long dyed black hair

Caption: Long hair, Black dye, diet

Daehyun: Lost fat(weight) here it is, during warrior, I mean Power, Yoo Youngjae, and now

Himchan: No, no, no, no

Caption: Yoo Youngjae’s hair changes ‘Warrior’ ‘Power’ ‘Crash’ ‘Badman’

Himchan: He was always cool. The present is important

Daehyun: Always

Caption: Camera’s massage body type? The always upgrading Youngjae’s visuals

Himchan: By aging, he’s becoming cooler

Youngjae: When I first debuted, the people around me told me a lot of good advice. Within all of the good advice, the most advice that I heard was, “Youngjae, shouldn’t you lose some weight?” I couldn’t feel it at that time

Caption:  The many advices that he heard before B.A.P’s debut

Caption: The most advice that was heard, “Youngjae, let’s lose some weight”

Caption: However… I didn’t know at that time

Daehyun: I, to be honest, understood him

Youngjae: I didn’t know that I was that fat

Caption: I didn’t know that I was that fat…

Daehyun: We are a hip hop group..

Caption: We are a hip hop group. Instead of visuals we will compete with talent

Younjae: Even if we eat..

Daehyun: Respect, since our group was centered around those kinds of things..

Caption: The member’s visuals were respect

Caption: It doesn’t seem that respects for that though…

Himchan: We weren’t respecting things like respect, respect means to uphold, respect

Caption: Like this like that

Daehyun: really.. argh

Himchan: Okay, alright

Daehyun: Anyways, those were the only things we thought of.. and we worked like that..

Caption: I’m generous

Caption: Daehyun was clustered with a respectful mindset

Daehyun: But by looking at it..

Caption: It was a little…

Youngjae: There was a time that I was shocked, so I started my diet

Daehyun: When was that?

Youngjae: During ..

Daehyun: When you had the pineapple hair?

Caption: It bounces out

Caption: Not one or two black(bad) history that Youngjae has

Youngjae: No, no, no.. it was during our diary recordings from MTV

Caption: In the beginning of their debut

Caption: For a performance, when B.A.P went to Singapore

Daehyun: Just by thinking of it.. just by thinking of it..

Himchan: MTV Diary?

Youngjae: When we went to Singapore

Caption: You could see Youngjae’s state from that time at ‘B.A.P Diary’

Youngjae/Himchan: When we first recorded it

Youngjae: When we got to Singapore, I saw the pictures that our fans took

Caption: After seeing the pictures the fans took, his mindset came alive

Youngjae: I was very, a bit, too fat

Caption: Wh…o...?

Himchan: It took you a year’s time

Youngjae: Yes, so from then on,

Caption: pumpkin Daehyun

Caption/Daehyun:  I’m sorry but this isn’t funny

Himchan: It’s his feelings

Caption: what

Youngjae: It’s my feelings that I’m expressing

Daehyun: The audience doesn’t like the story of fat

Caption: Daehyun Captain

Caption: “The audience doesn’t like the story of fat”

Daehyun: the fans..

Caption: tears up

Youngjae: Who said that?

Daehyun: Himchan hyung did

Himchan: Youngjae it was good while it lasted. Let’s go over this now

Youngjae:  2013’s greatest trend member..

Caption: After turning from those times, now he is the 2013 greatest trend…!!

Daehyun: B.A.P’s rookie award

Caption: Weight-lossed Youngjae’s real~

Youngjae: Let’s see today’s outfit

Daehyun: I..

Caption: Daehyun who wore a sexy outfit today

Caption: Confused see through

Himchan: Since it’s been a while since we were on a broadcast..

Caption: After debut, Daehyun started working out diligently

Daehyun: I started working out again, but it’s not good yet

Caption/Writer: Do you still have abs?

Daehyun: yes I still have them

Caption: confident

Caption/Daehyun: If you take it off and look at it, it isn’t that bad

Daehyun: It’s better than Youngjae’s

Youngjae: When Daehyun works out there’s this thing..

Caption: The continuous diss

Caption: Daehyun’s behind the story of exercising

Daehyun: what

Youngjae: When Daehyun works out, everywhere else is the same, but his arms are the only ones getting better

Caption: Everywhere else is the same… His arms only get bigger

Youngjae: So later, his arms become too big..

Caption: to laugh at his hyungs, the original muscular body Jongup appears

Himchan: hey hey! Jongup came behind you

Youngjae: shouldn’t talk about bodies now

Caption: The baby body sprouts suddenly becoming timid

Daehyun: I have confidence that my arms are better than Jongup’s

Youngjae: Really?!

Caption: He’s still doing this…

Daehyun: I’m more confident in my arms than Jongup’s arms

Youngjae: Really? Then should we reveal it here?

Caption: Are we doing Daehyun vs Jongup arm strength competition?

Daehyun: But not today, since he’s wearing long sleeves, and he has to take it off. We’ll show you next time

Caption: We’ll show you next time

Youngjae: Okay then

Himchan/Caption: Lately I have a worry

Youngjae: What is it?

Daehyun:  You gained a lot of weight

Caption: Himchan’s worry is?

Himchan: During ‘BADMAN’ I lost a lot of weight

Caption: During ‘BADMAN’ promotions Himchan showed a slim figure

Himchan: I keep saying that I cut my hair so I look fatter..

Caption: Because I cut my hair, I want to believe that

Daehyun/Youngjae: Look at the reality

Caption: It hurts because you’re a youth

Himchan/Caption: It seems to be the time to soak in the reality

Daehyun: Let’s exercise together

Youngjae: yes

Caption: twists and turns to say “Did I gain weight?”

Himchan: Did I gain weight?

Daehyun: yes

Caption/Writer: Did your face get bigger?

Caption: Confused

Daehyun: Wasn’t it his face getting bigger

Caption: Why are you like this to meㅠㅠ

Himchan: My forehead got wider.. it seems like my forehead got wider and my hair’s falling out

Caption: The Korean traditional music ulzzang worrying about his looks

Himchan: I have a lot of worries

Caption: HImchan~ don’t cry, but get stronger~ you’re cool even if you gain weight~

Himchan: Maybe I did gain weight

Caption: Where did the snooping maknae Zelo go while the hyungs were having their interview?

Caption: The scene of a secret deal with the writers

Writer: Walk from there

Caption: I’ve prepared this for you

Caption: Giving a cool one shot chance for Zelo

Zelo: Do I just walk there?

Caption: The roads I go on are runways

Caption: Shy

Caption: Bang Impact!

Caption: Something’s missing… then…?

Caption: Successfully and cooly tumbled

Caption: Appearing with confidence, the one shot main character

Caption/Zelo: The writer told me to do it

Caption/Writer: I told you to walk cooly, I never told you to tumble~

Zelo: Nothing fell out right?

Caption: The maknae only got bigger

Caption: He’s a baby Zelororo again (Pororo the penguin character)

Caption: No editing allowed effect

Caption: Zelo and the writer’s secret deal

Zelo: Fighting

Caption: Zelo who got a single shot disappeared leisurely like that…

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