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They debuted in Korea with the single “Warrior” and obtained numerous awards. And after that, the 6 member group of B.A.P continue to show the world spectacular action on the stage. I guess you can say that since their skills and the fact they have become such a hot topic has reached a galactic level, they debuted in Japan last fall stunningly.

How did you feel when your Japanese debut was finally decided? 

Youngjae: “Since our debut in Japan was a plan we had since we first started we were very excited once it was finally decided. Because of this, we began to study Japanese. We wanted to quickly show our performances and songs to everyone in Japan and so we were really looking forward to it.”

You debuted with the Japanese version of “Warrior”.

Daehyun: “In order to sing this song in Japanese, we were very careful with our pronunciation and also so that we would not be awkward. Even though the Korean and the nuances are different, because we retain the same meaning of the song we were still able to express our individuality.”

What is your impression of Japanese fans?

Himchan: “Since before I’ve had a kind image of Japanese people. Now that we are active in Japan, I have become deeply moved by the passionate support from the fans more so than I ever expected. Moreover, I’ve thought Japanese girls are also cute and beautiful.”

It’s been two years since B.A.P first started, the group has grown as well hasn’t it?

Himchan: “Because we lived in dorm since before our debut, our communication with one another has become deeper. Because we decided and carried out various matters at last year’s Pacific Tour our relationship of trust also has considerably strengthened.”

Bang Yong Guk: “I think if the time that we spend together becomes longer, consequently the unity within the group will become stronger. Therefore, from now on our connection will steadily become stronger, wouldn’t it?”

From now on, what kind of person do you want to become as an artist?

Bang Yong Guk: “We want to become the popular, not be influenced by mainstream music. And so we want to become  musicians that are a good influence to everyone that listens to our music.”

What kind of lifestyle do you find is charming of a girl from the same generation?

Himchan: “A girl who enjoys their work would be wonderful wouldn’t it?”

Daehyun: “ A girl who is polite no matter the place and is considerate of her surroundings I feel is the best.”

The way everyone listened to each question with seriousness and answered diligently and modestly was impressive. “Best Absolute Perfect” were able to bring a feeling of gentleness and passion from Korea to the whole world.


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