B.A.P & other groups beat the "Sophomore Jinx"

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The "Sophomore" or "2 year" Jinx is something that occurs when a hot new group's promotions turn bad in their second year. In 2013, these groups have become "hot" idol groups.

B.A.P, The K-pop World's New Generation with a Straight Message in Powerful Music

Under the same entertainment company as Secret, B.A.P debuted in 2012 under TS Entertainment, leaving a strong impression. Before their debut, leader Bang Yongguk had a solo song with Secret's Song Jiuen "Going Crazy" and promoted the song with her. After that, under the name "Bang & Zelo" Bang Yongguk and B.A.P's youngest member Zelo did promotions. With a fandom already built, B.A.P debuted with "Warrior," and promoted "Power," "No Mercy," "Stop it" and  other songs in 2012, staying in Billboard's World Chart top 10, and also saw strong responses overseas, taking the #1 spot as rookies on German Asian Music Charts.

With Bang Yongguk's low rap and Zelo's high tone rap, Youngjae's calming voice and Daehyun's powerful high notes, each member has their own characteristics, they polished these skills in 2012 to become global idols in 2013. They visited 4 American cities and 4 Asian countries on their "B.A.P Live on Earth" tour, released their 3rd mini album in September with "BADMAN," were in the top 10 of iTune's hip-hop charts, and have taken a #1 spot on the Billboard World Album charts. On Germany's K-pop Charts they were in the top 10 for 20 months straight, and took the #1 spot 8 times, displaying the group's global popularity.

In 2013, they official debuted in Japan, had an arena tour and saw more popularity. On October 9th, releasing their Japan debut sing "Warrior Begins" [**Translator note: I think they confused the tour name and the single name here], B.A.P then went to 3 Japanese cities for 6 concerts, performing for 40,000 fans, dominating as hallyu's new stars.

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  1. this,B.A.P can also really mean by Beyond A+ Perfection :)

  2. and I remember this 40+year old lady employee from the usual music store that I went to asking me what does B.A.P means? she asked me,does it stands for Bold and Powerful? at first I say yes but I joke around and told her the real meaning behind those three alphabet letters and she said sorry that she didn't know and laughs!xD such a
    kind & funny ahjumma she is!^ ^ and an apology is accepted! lol

  3. also B.A.P as in bunny ace pros(lol,whatever that means!)^ ^'