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**Note: the MCs talked a lot so some of their parts have been trimmed down, and I didn't split what each MC said but sort of combined it to make it less rambling, sorry ^^

MC: Is there any difference in your feeling towards "Warrior" from your Korean debut compared to your Japan debut? 
Himchan: It's a debut song, so it's the same feeling
Youngjae: The feeling is the same so…
MC: It marks the start of things.
Youngjae: Since it's the most "B.A.P-like" song We want people to listen to it a lot.
MC: For your Korean debut, you were all blonde, right?!
B.A.P: Laughs.
MC: When they debut most Kpop artists try to make each member in a group stand out, but you seemed to want people to remember you as a group, is that right?
Himchan: That time we didn't really know but...I don't want to do that again! 
Youngjae: That time it was for people to know B.A.P rather than individual members
MC: In kpop groups, it really seems like each member is carefully constructed, right? Each member has a specific roles. Are there any roles of someone who scolds other (in B.A.P)?
Youngjae: Zelo wants to talk about this.
Zelo: (through a translator) I think there are times we make mistakes and it's natural to be "scolded" for it. The older members are responsible for that, especially Yongguk who is responsible for us.
MC: Oooh, so the older members are reliable/responsible. So there are many times when (groups) are compared to families, with moms and dads. So who's the dad (in B.A.P?)
Daehyun: Yongguk
MC: And the mom?
Dae/Other members: Himchan
MC: The older brother?
Youngjae: The older brother is…
Himchan: Older brother?!
Daehyun: (I'm) Kind of childlike so it's me. (laughs)
MC: So you're the brother then? 
Daehyun: I'm the brother.
MC: Ok so the younger brother is…these last two? 
Youngjae: Our youngest members (Jongup and Zelo)
MC: Younger brother, younger brother. What about Youngjae?
Himchan: The daughter.
Everyone: Laughing
Youngjae: Daughter (he keeps repeating it over and over ^^).
MC: Oh it's because you're loved by everyone!
Youngjae: Daughter…Fine then. 
Himchan: Kidding, kidding!
Youngjae: The daughter. I can't forget this. 
MC: We can kind of see all this, it seems to suit you guys. 
Youngjae: Why?!
MC: You guys seem really cute!
Himchan: Toshio! You look like Toshio!
Daehyun: Toshio?!
Youngjae: Toshio.
Someone (I think Youngjae and Daehyun): English? (in Japanese sounds similar to the word for movie) Movie? (they were correcting each other)
Himchan: The main character in the movie! *does the scary throat noise from Ju-on*
Daehyun: AH! Ju-on! The Japanese one
MC: Ju-on? Ju-on? Ah JU-ON!
Himchan: Toshio
MC: He looks like the character Toshio from the movie Ju-on!? 
Daehyun: "Obeke." …Obake (he said "ghost" incorrectly at first but said it fine the next time ^^).
MC: Obake! Obake!
Youngjae: Isn't that scary? 
MC: It's not scary! If it's a cute ghost like this it's ok.
Daehyun: Laughs
Youngjae: It's not scary.
Hicmhan: Daughter.
Daehyun: It's ok, it's ok. 
MC: I see, so let's call you Toshio then? He'll get angry! Alright, thank you for talking about many things with us. Thank you!
Daehyun & Youngjae: Thank you.

[After the unaired interview part] The announcers were impressed that B.A.P knew about Toshio and Ju-on, though they said that Youngjae's hair was black and resembled Toshio's but that he was cute. They also said their Japanese was very good and laughed over the fact that B.A.P doesn't want to go all blonde again. 

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