Warrior Begins Goods Orders with BYS: Goods will be shipped this week

Admin: Isa, Nicole

All orders will be sent either this Friday or Saturday. Thank you for your patience! 


1) Muffler Towel (long, scarf-like towel) - 1575 yen

2) Big Towel - 4200 yen

3) Bandana - 1050 yen

4) T-shirt (S/M/L) - 3675 yen

5) Parka (hoodie - S/M/L) - 7350 yen
**M & L Sizes are SOLD OUT**

6) Take-out Bag - 1890 yen

7) Uchiwa (fan) - 525 yen each (you can choose the member you'd like)
**Daehyun & Zelo fans are SOLD OUT**

8) Clear file set - 1575 yen

9) Photo collection - 315 yen
**You get 1 random photo for each 315 yen order**

10) Poster set - 2625 yen // Poster - 525 yen each (you can choose the member you'd like)

When Nicole got posters from the Japan store before, posters were not folded, so they will likely be in a tube this time as well. 

* The goods being sold through the Japan shop are slightly more expensive than the original ones sold at the venue. Add a 10 $ fee on your total for BYS service.   

Official B.A.P Japan shop will be offering Official Warrior Begins Tour goods starting at 6:00pm JST on December 11th.

BYS will try and order goods for Babys who want them! After receiving your payment via Paypal or Credit card, Nicole can have the items shipped from her home in Japan, then to international Babys.

- To order, fill up the form below.
- Shipping prices will vary by country. Nicole will ship using EMS; to give an idea of shipping costs (based on weight of the package) a CD such as the BADMAN album cost around $10~20 depending on your location.
- For an estimate conversion from yen to your currency, use this convertor, but when ordering Nicole will calculate and send you the total price for the items in CAD funds before your order is placed.
- You will have to send a second payment to cover shipping fees which Nicole will send once she has the items weighed and priced for shipping at the post office.
- After sending payment, you CAN'T ask for a refund, but you can cancel your order at any time.

Info © B.A.P Official HP 

Post © BAPYESSIR.COM #Isa #Nicole


  1. until when are you going to take orders?

    1. There's a high chance goods might sell out, at least according to B.A.P official HP, so the sooner you order, the better ^^;; But I'm willing to take orders as long as they are selling goods.

  2. Does the photo collection include just one photo or a few? So I have an idea if I want more than one. XD

    1. It's one RANDOM photo :) I bought 2 and got Jongup and Youngjae at the Tokyo venue ^^

  3. loving that bandana and the t-shirt. wish I could have enough money to book/order and then buy those. but my money somehow still and always insufficient. :(

  4. we cant purchase this our self? i tried going into their official japan site but the items didn't show

  5. Do you guys happen to know the measurements for a size S parka/hoodie?

  6. wow,the logo on the Warrior's bandana and towel,tote bag,etc.are so creative,pretty cool & super awesome! very nice! and I also love the alphabet letter of that 'W' too in the middle although I found the design is a little bit creepy but cool too!^ ^' then again,why does the/that star-looking logo somehow reminds me of that popular japanese anime from Fullmetal Alchemist? lol

    1. *I mean by the circle/transmutation logo,that is!^ ^' (try searching fullmetal alchemist transmutation logo via google image and get to see what I mean!xD)

  7. If I've placed my orders and have paid, will it be okay to add more and just add the final costs to the shipping?

  8. can you give me the measures of the parka small please?

  9. if i've order and have paid,Can i face to face take the goods?(coz i wil going to japan,end of dec),thanks.

  10. When you open this order again? Because I'm late. T...T

  11. still want that shirt. but the thing is the price for that I'll have to pay it double if not triple (that too will includes the tax,shipping,weight,etc.) it never ends. :(

  12. Got my things today! Thanks. :D

  13. just wondering, are the goods not labeled as "sold out" still available?