B.A.P Christmas Messages for Baby Japan

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Merry Christmas! Happy new year!
All of Baby Japan, please have a fun Christmas.
And hoping that 2014 is also full happy days!
Have a good year end!

B.A.P Bang Yongguk

To. Baby Japan
Everyone ♥ I am "Himuuchan" [Translator note: Don't know if he spelt it this way with a long "u" sound on purpose or not ^^].
This year was a REAALLY moving year.
That's why, from now on as well, please look after us!
Always, you are all inside my heart.
I love you♥
Merry Christmas!

To. BABY Japan~♥
Hello. This is B.A.P's Daehyun.
It's already the last month of the year!
How was this year for everyone?
More than anything, I was happy to be together with all Babys ^___^
This year is almost over, but please be happy and have fun!
Thank you very much! Merry Christmas!

To. Baby Japan~♥!
Merry~ Christmas~!!
Finally, we've been waiting, Christmas is here~ ^-^
What will everyone do? ^口^
Hoping you have a happy Christmas~
Let's meet again soon in Japan!!
See you~~~~~^-^


All Babys!
Christmas is here. Oh Yeah~
2013 is already ending, a new year is coming. 
Did you know it's important to finish things? 
That's why Babys! Have fun playing~~~!! Oh Yeah


To. Baby Japan
It's pretty cold.
Especially going out! Fashion is important, but please wear lots of clothes like me~!
Have a good Christmas with family and friends, be as happy next year as you were this year! As everyone is always, smile brightly and be happy!

From Zelo

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