B.A.P 2013 Christmas Messages

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Jongup: “To. BABY Ho ho ho, I`m Santa Moon. Isn`t it cold these days? I`m cold too. Obviously fashion 
is important too, but wear warmly before you get cold. We always have Kevin [Keven??? I have no idea 
what he is talking about] Even though it`s cold, have the warm hearts with your families, Babys. Merry Christmas~”

Zelo: “To. Baby It will be sad if there is no Christmas kn end of the year? Since it`s cold, wear clothes
 warmly and make a lot of good memories with families and friends! Have a great Christmas without any 
cold~ Finish this year well and lastly, bye!

Daehyun: “Christmas ♬Santa knows♪ who is good and who is bad~♪[it`s a song] Our good Babys have a 
happy Christmas and warm end of the year~♥”

Youngjae: “To. MERRY! Christmas!!! Hey our minis~! Already! Christmas came to us! If it's a white 
Christmas! What will I do.... (preparing album...?) For our minis who are waitinf us well! We are preparing 
album hard! So please wait a liiittttlle!! See you soon! Merry Christmas~♥(ㅠ.ㅠ it`s a heart...)...ㅠ!”

Yongguk: “To. Babys It's already end of the year. Since it's almost Christmas, does everyone has plans? 
I'm having busy and happy days planning a new B.A.P album. Still, I like working better than playing.! But I 
want you to spend Christmas by good healings! Proxy satisfaction... I hope you have a happy and lovely 
days Thanks!”

Himchan: “ Merry Christmas♥ Finish December well and greet the new year happlily. This year was also 
warma and happy since you were here, BABY”

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  1. Regarding Jongup's Christmas message, the Kevin he's referring to is Kevin McCallister from the American X-mas movie, Home Alone. The picture he drew is of Kevin.

  2. about Kevin, JungUp obviosly meant Kevin from Home Alone (look at the drawing!)

    Thank you for translation and Merry Christmas Everyone!

  3. ohh,now I get it! thanks for explaining it cuz here I thot thinking it was one of the cartoon character coming from the attack of the titan! lol

  4. and have a happy and a merry christmas to all of those whoever celebrated it and have an upcoming,good new year up ahead! ;)

  5. Reference to Kevin also means, that they dont have girlfriends, so the spend Christmas home alone. (Christmas in Korea is more couple matter than family matter). At least it was said in EYK christmas video.

  6. I see.. also,thanks for the info! I want to gain my knowledge on any sort of trend happening mostly in south korea!^ ^ p.s. and do you know that in s.korea,everyone can use free wi-fi everywhere? I'm so jealous! like in the U.S,you are free to use whatsapp there. I got this infos from my 2nd big sis during her work/meeting and her visits there. I was like wow,you lucky people. in my country,you have to pay a bit higher for both. sigh :(

  7. and also thank you to those who help B.A.P succeeds in any other ways! ;) you've earned my respect. :) to team BYS,thank you to all of you too for helping us fans out by this far. without your help,we'll be clueless forever not knowing our boyz past and present news or infos. you guys are the best! so,never forget that. and keep moving forward. ;)

    1. lol,my first messages before this one had gone so suddenly! I wonder what had happened!? :\

  8. again,here wishing our boyz doing their very best,hoping them to continue to succeed and praying for their safety wherever they go. and thank you for making things possible and getting it done in a great ways. :)