About Yongguk and his Oxygen Mask

Admin: Isa

This photo is from the photobook of Live On Earth DVD. The caption mentioned that Yongguk had to wear an oxygen mask after a concert because he had difficulties to breathe properly. Many articles and rumors are still running on the Web and we just want to clear up thing since we keep receiving questions about this and a lot of people still don't know what's happening. 

* Yongguk was NOT hospitalized.
* We don't know if Yongguk has asthma or not, please don't spread rumors like that if you're not a doctor or don't know him personally.
* It happens to have difficulties to breathe after an intense workout (like a concert)
* Don't blame TS for overworking the boys, or Yongguk for being too skinny. They are big boys now, they know how to take care of themselves and they have body trainers and health specialists that follow them since being an artists is hard physically and mentally.

Photo © LOE Photobook

We would appreciate if everyone share this post everywhere so that people can calm down and stop to freak out. ^^



  1. You guys are awesome! thank you for clearing it up.

  2. Yes thank you guys I'm sort of behind for Bap updates but yeah people shouldn't be spreading rumors it isn't helpful :/

  3. I didn't even want to spread the first post going around on my blog because of so many people making up stories and bashing TS. I wish we could have one comeback without a bunch of drama distracting BABYs. Thanks for saying this much though so people can stop freaking out.

  4. why in the world did I not know about this news.. :\ but thanks for clearing it up!x) yeah,people can say what they want to say or talk bad behind our back,the boyz and the company. but I won't give a damn about it unless if there's a firm proof or any clear evidence to where they got the source or info from.

  5. *from where they got the info or source from

  6. honestly, i feel somewhat happy or -bear with me- honored that they'd even consider putting this in their photobook. Now i don't mean to sound like a sadist, this picture still makes me unsettled no matter how many times i've seen it. And before i receive any bashings, i'll be completely honest here and say that I still have absolutely no idea how this whole kpop thing works and still can't fathom the amnt of work everyone involved puts into this JUST make idols who they are today, but i understand there's a HUGE load of work put into it. Back to point, it feels like BAP is doing us a huge honor to BABYs of opening our eyes to see that NOT EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR JOB IS WHAT ITS CAKED UP TO BE. idk what happens bts and i'm sure the next BABY doesn't either, but this pic shows the reality behind sparkly and bright stages and badass music performances. i still hate to see this picture, but i think it says A LOT for TS to even consider putting this in their photobook. They've probably thought over a bajillion consequences for letting pictures like this circle round the internet, let alone BE PUBLISHED AND SOLD and knowing how the media would blow this into proportions, yet they still...well made this. i'm not implying anything abt TS or even BAP or saying things i probably have not much clue abt, but i think this picture and the fact that it's in the photobook itself says a lot. say a lot abt BAP, says a lot for BABYs and says a lot to judgeful, skeptic people abt kPOP. as for the rumours, well we all know its utter bullshit UNTIL BAP or TS themselves confirm it. so we shouldn't start passing false facts abt them when we dont even know whats going on. THERE. RANT OVER.

  7. TRUE~ Even I have a hard time breathing at times but I no longer have asthma. Sometimes it can be affected through different things. In my case, I'm claustrophobic or fear of in closed places. I get a hard time breathing when I'm in crowds. As for BYG, it can be anything. It's not bad to worry but worrying too much to the point in making rumors.... it ain't pleasing.


  8. Well there obviously is no use in freaking out, but on the other hand - if someone, even after intense workout, needs oxygen mask - it's not perfectly okay.
    I guess the only thing we can do is to support them as much as we can and try even harder to show them love and appreciation.

    (Which deosn't stop me from being super-worried).

  9. They could have easily not put this in the photobook, but they did ! so lets not say bad things about TS , they allow the boys to say their opinion, if they wanted to take a rest they would but they want to work hard everyday ....
    We have to be thankful for TS forever cause they promote the group so well and they also let yongguk to participate in the writing and composing.

  10. Yes, this just shows how hard B.A.P works for us! ^_^ B.A.P sure loves their BABYZ <3 And of course we love them, too! They really do enjoy the work they're doing, so I don't think we need to worry so much x]

  11. I truly believe you all but i am still scared. :( yongguk is the kind of person to not let other people's effort go to waste (in my opinion), so he wouldn't tell anyone or make it a big deal unless it is absolutely nessesary. i hope he is alright, no he has to be.. but i am still scared. i am still hoping for the best. :) be healthy gukkie!! :)