10 Asia: 2013 BIG 8 ⑥ TS Entertainment – B.A.P Sweeps the World

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2013 BIG 8 ⑥ TS Entertainment – B.A.P Sweeps the World

Boy band B.A.P members. [TS Entertainment]

Which entertainment agencies made remarkable moves in the Korean entertainment scene this year? One of the biggest issues that dominated the management business was that persistent demand on Hallyu contents, especially on K-pop, allowed singer and actors to expand their boundaries to overseas market. In the contents producing industry, it has become a matter of common interest that abilities to create and produce more diversified contents as viewers and audiences have higher criteria. There were bigger examples of middle and small sized agencies to make strategic alliance or have merger and acquisitions for retaining stable profit system. In addition to those, private life of stars became more in danger thanks to the Internet, which make the “risk management ability” as the top priority of the management firm should have.

As a wrap-up and recap of this year 2013, TenAsia picked up eight entertainment agencies that impressed the industry and found out their performance, strength and weakness and searched their right direction to go (alphabetical order).

This Year’s Performance

Year 2013 was the year that B.A.P’s global competence shined bright. B.A.P held their first exclusive concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul this February, one year and two months after their debut which is the shortest time for a Korean idol group. This May, the six-member boy group embarked on “B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour,” their first global tour including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and four US cities.

B.A.P proved their global popularity by putting the third mini-album, released this August, onto the top ten of iTunes Hip-hop Album chart in US and Asian regions as well as No. 1 on Billboard’s World Album chart. Afterwards, the boy band announced their official Japan debut and confirmed Japan arena tour at the same time with releasing Japan debut single.  The arena tour was held in three cities through six shows for two months from November, drawing in a total of 40,000 audiences

TS Entertainment’s hip-hop duo Untouchable showed off that they are still alive and strong, releasing “CALL ME,” their first album right after being discharged from the mandatory military service in May. Especially, member Sleepy shot to the new star of TV variety shows after showing his honest and skilled talking as well as off-the-wall charms through MBC’s talk show “Radio Star.”

Girl group Secret has focused on expanding their individual boundaries. Member Jun Hyo-sung is prepping up for her first major role in upcoming OCN drama “Cheo-yong” (Romanized Korean), while Song Ji-eun recognized her singing ability through the first solo EP “False Hope.”

K-pop boy group B.A.P members. [TS Entertainment]

This Year’s Star

This year’s star of TS Entertainment is B.A.P, who collected noticeable result in overseas market in two years of their debut. Since debuting in January 2012, B.A.P has built awareness from their early debut days with distinctive characters of the members, which are Bang Yong-guk’s heavy low-toned voice, Zelo’s high-toned rapping, Younjae’s sweet vocal and Daehyun’s powerful high pitch. The group succeeded in cultivating solid fandom by differentiating themselves from other groups, especially Bang Yong-guk participated in song-writing and unveiled his philosophy throwing at our society.

All the shows to the B.A.P’s Pacific Tour, including four cities in the US, have been sold out and the group grabbed 10,000 audiences more through the encore shows in Japan. They conquered seven accumulated No. 1 and sat in top 10 for 20 months on Germany’s K-pop chart, while confirmed arena tour as soon as their official Japan tour. This year is surely B.A.P’s time, whose overseas activities were significant.

What’s Next?

TS Entertainment will debut a seven-member girl group in the first half of next year, based on their producing ability proved through Secret and B.A.P. One of the girl group’s member Dohee has already featured in “Keep In Touch,” one of the tunes of Untouchable’s November mini-album “TRIP.” B.A.P is aiming at making comeback next January, when Secret Jun Hyo-sung’s first TV series “Cheo-yong” is slated to hit air.

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  3. hehe doesn't really matter. just keep doing what they gotta do. here's hoping that everything will be fine. :)

  4. Truthfully when BAP debuted secret were not all the time, but were kinda ignored, so I hope wen the new girl group comes out bap dont get ignored, but I guess theyll get rest but they wont be top priority. Lol I used but a lot

    1. I'm with you on this. I hope TS ent. won't forget/neglect our boyz after this,after B.A.P having a good time and good year so far while the company are still busy with their other plans. and I wouldn't even mind though if our boyz will take a break anytime soon even it mean for a short rest bcuz they(still)need it.