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Hiyo, this is Nicole/BYSAhjumma, co-manager of BYS, and this is my fanaccount for B.A.P Warrior Begins Nagoya Day 1.
Credit ©bapyessir.com when taking anything out 

I will try and keep my spazzing to a minimum but IT WILL BE DIFFICULT.

This fan account is split into 4 sections below: 
* Venue & Randoms
* Memorable Stages
* Members
* Ahjumma STOP 

View as soon as you enter the arena

I was in the front row...this is where I need to remain calm but IT'S DIFFICULT.

*Venue & Randoms: The venue, with the main stage and extended stage set up, was not that huge so even if you were in the stands you would have a really decent view of B.A.P
* I have to say one thing; I don't really get the cloaked, sword wielding, gobbledygook speaking dudes in cloaks. They're calling "Warriors" or something but to be honest, none of the girls in my section knew what he was saying besides "Warrior" and "Today." But still an interesting way to open a concert.
* The venue was pretty full; I'd tweeted on BYS twitter that some seats were empty, but the ones I was talking about actually turned out to be for camera/sound equipment. So pretty sure ticket sales were pretty good.
* It was around 2 hours, we all wanted another encore though, Babys whistles at the end were just insane.
* Whoever got those towels that B.A.P threw out at the end of the show, give them a good home ^^


Because I CANNOT remember them all.

Mini Solo-Stages

This was like one stage where the members each came out for a short solo or duet

* Yongguk & Daehyun "I Remember" - I actually want to cry each time I see this song live, this time it was even more beautiful with Yongguk sitting in an armchair at a table writing, and he just got more and more worked up as he rapped and slouched around on stage holding a bottle before Dae came out to join him.
* Youngjae & Daehyun "Voice Message" mini-duet: After Daehyun finished "I Remember" with Yongguk, he went to this payphone on stage and made a call no one picked up ^^ (Some girl in my section yelled "IS DAEHYUN CALLING ME?") Then Youngjae came out and they did some on "Voice Message" and it was INCREDIBLE. There are really no words to describe him and Youngjae's voice, they both are just so talented and put so much feeling into their singing.
* Jongup & Zelo dance break - Jongup is just...boneless. His dancing is so fluid and flawless, same with Zelo. Their dance was set to a monologue on screen (Himchan speaking) which, sorry, I don't remember. If this was the "Drama performance" everyone was talking about, I'm not actually sure, but it was really well done with Zelo dancing and showing how depressed he was, while Jongup's dancing seemed to be like "Cheer up guy" (sorry ^^ But in all seriousness, it was a really beautiful performance).
* Himchan Monologue: He read a monologue that I guess he wrote himself, and it sounded really amazing in Himchan's voice. I can't remember it all, it's just like "I can't forget you after 3 years" sort of past love story.

"POT: B.A.P's Band" Rock Versions of Songs

* They projected the band name and everything on stage while B.A.P was off changing for the next song, and it was kind of cool having B.A.P sing with a band.
* Coma: I didn't think this would sound good but it did
* They also did a rock version of No Mercy
* Daehyun went next to the guitarist and started playing air guitar at one point

* Punch: I don't know what got into them for this song, but they were so giggly and grabby and silly.
* They had their mini boxing match on the extended part of the stage, with Dae failing to look intimidating and Himchan smacking Jongup (Or Youngjae, sorry I don't remember) on the butt before pushing him back to the "fight."

* Badman, Excuse Me, & Hurricane were AMAZING, I love the choreo for Hurricane plus Jongup and Zelo's dance break. And Badman dancing was also incredible. I really love Dae and Youngjae's parts in Badman, it's such a great song to see live.

* Warrior: Was one of the last songs they did, and it was incredible, they still had so much energy and power.

* One Shot: It's One Shot. It's never NOT amazing. They did the push up dance for the most part, but I think it's too hard for Yongguk to do at the same time as he sings since he was standing and dancing with Zelo and Jongup.

* They did their "cute" songs (Crash, Dancing in the Rain, etc.) before the encore, but they were still acting like dorks and Himchan was all over the place


* One part of their MC break was Youngjae reminding us he asked for our questions and that he'd prepared some for the day. But Himchan was either confused, forgot or it was part of their MC corner to yell "What do you want to ask us!?" when Youngjae cut in saying "I've got them already."

* Question for Dae: "just how many selcas do you have?" He answered "A LOT," and asked if we should take one right now, then he used a phone to take 3 selcas with the crowd behind him.
Whoever's phone they used for taking Dae's selcas, there was Youngjae lock screen then Yongguk wallpaper, both pics from their calendar. I don't know if it was a members phone since some of them knew the lock code.
* Youngjae kept harassing Himchan saying "There aren't any questions for you. there won't be tomorrow either" and Himchan pretended to grumpily march Youngjae aside. The question for Himchan was also along the lines of "Why are you so handsome" to which Himchan just said he's always been handsome.
* The question for Zelo was not a question, just somehting like "I love you!" to which Zelo acted all sweet while I'm pretty sure Jongup started his angry fighting Japanese lol.
* Tomorrow's questions will be for Yongguk, Jongup and Youngjae.


Where anything else I remember about the members goes


<no words>

* I'm so Yongguk biased but seeing him so close, I just can't even think of what to write. I just...well I just really love Yongguk ♥ Don't jude me.

* I just need to say again how powerful his "I Remember" stage is.
* He spoke the least but got the most cheers whenever his face was on the video screens during MC breaks, like we all just screamed and Youngjae stopped talking all confused, then Jongup made a "WHUT?" face when his face was put onscreen. Yongguk just stood there grinning his gummy smile and looking shy.
* So his dancing...do I have to talk about this? *cries* He seemed SO INTO the performance tonight, like full on aggressive hip thrusts and lip biting and I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS ANYMORE.
* He blew kisses towards the stands at the end of the show, and he waved to people in high up seats. 


You are so embarrassing I love you *claps*  

* He was so hyper, it was so much fun watching him the whole night.
* Him and Youngjae were really great MC's, they were so natural and silly and teasing, it was way more comfortable than LOE Japan.
* The other members are going to get a restraining order against Himchan, I swear; he had Zelo in a sort of one arm hug and was trying to kiss him but Zelo got free and looked scandalized afterward.
* He kept hugging everyone too.
* Going down the extended stage, Himchan grabbed Jongup's hand and looked like a kid walking while Jongup just smiled and went along with him. 
* Himchan kissed Daehyun on the cheek, and pretty sure I missed him kissing again while I was looking elsewhere. 



* His singing makes me want to cry, seriously, how can anyone have a voice like that. 
* Daehyun was all smiles tonight~
* When introducing himself, I'm not sure if he was just asking "Am I handsome too?" or actually failing at an old Japanese gag about "Ikemen" ^^ It was still cute though.
* He's seriously the king of fanservice when it comes to B.A.P. He reached out to touch a fan's hand, and couldn't reach so made this over-exaggerated look of despair and walked off smiling.
* He also pointed to the girl next to me while singing since she had a big Dae poster board. 


Award for most bias ruining vocal ever is...

* I don't remember Youngjae turning the sexy on like that for LOE Japan. Like he was making eyes at fans anytime he wasn't singing, biting his lips and his dancing was unbelievable. 
* He was one of the members that did the most fan service by waving, coming to the edge of the stage and singing (CRIES SCROLL DOWN), and trying to interact with fans as much as he could. 
* At one point the members were holding Youngjae and then Himchan was trying to lift up his shirt to show Youngjae's abs. Yongguk looked actually a bit distressed lol and tried to slap Himchan's hand away, but before they let Youngjae go we saw a wee but of skin when they got his shirt up a bit, but I felt bad for Youngjae a bit ^^;;

* I don't know what else to say about Youngjae other than you HAVE to stare at him because he just has so much stage presence and is an amazing singer and why is B.A.P full of these perfect people GOODBAI.


I don't understand how he can just stop being 4D for performances, WHERE does this Jongup come from?!

* He was way more animated today then he had been at LOE Japan. 
* I just need to say how GOOD he looked, I mean, some cordie/stylist noona needs an award for making Jongup look EVEN better, how...
* He was speaking a lot more (though you could tell he was reading from something on stage, he tried really hard~)
* The funniest part of their MC breaks for me was Jongup. I think it was Youngjae during an MC break that said something about Zelo being cute, to which Zelo answered "who me?" And Jongup just started yelling "Omae da yo, OMAE!" which is just a really aggressive way to say "they're talking about YOU, YOU!!" which was hilarious since it looked like Jongup was super mad so Youngjae pretended to calm him down.
* He did a backflip. Because he's Moon effing Jongup.


I don't know how many times I said "This kid..."

* He plays up the cute thing only to destroy us all once he starts dancing.
* He seemed so happy the entire show, like he was grinning during his rap parts for "BADMAN."
* Zelo came to our side of the stage and made a heart with his hands then did some funky breaking and washing the pieces with his fingers thing with it.
* When they were taking their final bow with their band and dancers, while everyone was still bowed, Zelo looked up and made a face to the crowd that looked like "Can I stop bowing now, I'm too tall for this" haha.
* His raps were nearly flawless, but give the kid a break, he's dancing and doing LTE rapping at the same time, of course there were some breathless moments ^^

Now it's time for the...


* I was so close...like I could look each member in the eye and they waved to us and I am just a mess now Thank you very much B.A.P.
* This is embarrassing but...there was a lull in the screaming when B.A.P was walking back to the main stage near me, and I yelled "Yonggu~~~~k" and he started giggling and looked away.
* I was also too embarrassed to show the side of my "uchiwa" fan that says "No More Conbini" ...
* I think it was "Rain Sound," my brain is sort of mush now, BUT, Youngjae was singing while looking at me long enough for me to experience 3 heart attacks. Seriously, Youngjae worked our area over with his eyes, he looked at me and the other girls around me so much *cries*
* Jongup came over to our side of the stage and made major eye contact with us and was grinning so hard when we cheered for him and he just danced even harder.
* *whispers* Himchan had bare arms and shoulders near the end, he took off his jacket~
* Daehyun came to our side so many times and sang to us so much and pointed at different babys, now you see where this B.A.P's king of Fanservice title comes from.
* Zelo is just adorable, I'm sorry~

Thanks for reading, sorry I feel like I'm forgetting a lot but there's still Nagoya Day 2 and both Yoyogi shows for more fanaccounts ^^

Some congratulatory flower wreathes for B.A.P

Gift boxes at the venue (there are a LOT more Manager Kang stans then you think lol, some presents in the B.A.P box were for him, and the girls next to me both had Kang Fan posters)


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