COLLAB. PROJECT: 2 Years With B.A.P (Zelo wore one of our gifts!)

Shared by Nicole @ BAPYESSIR.COM

Zelo wore one of the scarves we got them! Thanks to all the fanbases who participated, and to all the Babys who made this gift possible ♡


Project Results

Thank you to everyone who donated and contributed to this project! 
Great thank you to tsbabyz and BAP_Intl for their great contribution! Also thank you to BAP_babys_base, _STRONGBAP, CHANBAPROAD, itsbap and UKBAP


1) Supplement drinks
This health product from Japan is sold as aids for people who are "incredibly tired". Nicole from BYS drink one bottle when she feel sick/tired and usually it helps a lot! 

Donations needed: 125 $ CAD (10 $ for 3 bottles, each members will get 3 bottles, PLUS 1 super powerful energy drink that cost 9 $, each member will receive one.)

*** Thanks to generous donations and some bargain hunting, we were able to buy the members 2 boxes of the high quality health drinks!

2) Accessories for winter
Let's prepare the boys for winter! We don't want them to catch a cold, so we will buy them some fashion accessories to keep them warm. 

Donations needed: 250 $ CAD (including the 6 neck warmers and shipping costs to Japan.)

(©) The accessories have been found by Jesse from Best Absolute Style and the admins of the participating fanbases voted to select the ones we will offer to the boys.

3) Donation to "Planting Peace" 
All extra donations we'll receive will go to an organization called "Planting Peace" 

(, they are inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. 
We will make the donation under B.A.P's name. Planting Peace have a lot of amazing programs for humans and environment in general

How to participate: 

DONATE: We accept donations through Paypal and Credit/Debit cards.


* Get a chance to send your personal message to B.A.P! [DEADLINE: DEC. 31]
Whoever's making a donation to the project will get a chance to send a personal message to B.A.P in the language of your choice! It'll be send directly to the group in January (Less than 100 words)

To make a donation, please fill up the form below, then follow the instructions below to send your donation:

* We do not accept donations via concealed cash anymore. 

SPREAD THE WORD: Share this LINK on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) and invite your BABYz friends to join the project as well!!!



  1. Admin ...hi....I will donate all those remaining for the energy drinks and neck warmers...I will fully fund for those. But please give me until at least next Friday 6th of December 2013 to settle the conversion n mailing of the concealed cash. Please let me know of any other procedure that I need to meet.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi!

      You can send concealed cash anytime, we might not receive it before the deadline but that's not a problem. As long as you send it BEFORE Dec. 31 ^^
      Please put your donation in a letter containing your name, country and purpose of donation (should be "2 years with B.A.P" here) and send everything to

      Isabelle Béliveau (BYS)
      62 Jean Baptiste
      Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
      J2W 2X1 CANADA

      Thank you so much!!

    2. My pleasure! You are more than welcome. I just emailed u guys. In which currency is that $177? anyway, I already decided the amount I decided to contribute in that email. please do acknowledge. Thank you very much u guys for this opportunity. But I hv not yet fill up that form coz I'm still contemplating abt the content.
      Will do that once I make a good one.

  2. I really want to donate some cash, but, it's a concealed cash. Can I donate? Please.

    1. Sure, please send a message to

  3. I'm curious, is there any BYS team that continuously in touch with the media? I think its important to show this fanbase activity like donation or something to the media. ex : allkpop, mwave or else?
    I think it would be great if BYS or fanbase activities, could appear in the media and can be an inspiration for many people. Just share my thought, ^^
    And I wanna say thank you for your update !! I hope BYS team continues to grow and become a great fansite. BYS team, fighting !! ^^

    1. This is a great idea, we'll try to get in touch with medias like Mwave, Allkpop and Soompi :)

  4. wow,i love charitable stuffs like this. but not during a critical moment or time like this while i'm almost half-way broke! lol maybe i will do it(donate some funds)perhaps later in the near future. well,who knows!^ ^ ryte now i'm still waiting and hoping for that season greetings 2014 calendar and the LOE pacific tour to come and now this,B.A.P's new/latest full-length album of First Sensibility. and it didnt sell out cheap here when it comes to my country. already..^ ^'