B.A.P on "Dig it! Dig it" Radio Show (131108)

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- We've got a lot of videos we're translating/subbing right now, so radio shows will be roughly translated until our translators have more time ^^


* They introduce themselves (Someone says Daehyun is cute everyone is silent when Himchan says he is in charge of being attractive…They also say Yongguk's voice is cool)
* The MCs say they cheer very hard for B.A.P
* They give some background info on B.A.P saying they debuted in Korea in 2012 when all blonde, and give some info about the upcoming "One shot" single and tour.
* It's B.A.P's 4th time in Japan
* They tried Nagoya's famous Chicken wings, and liked Miso-katsu and eel rice bowls. Daehyun says he is very full. 
* The program MCs say they talk a lot about manga and anime regularly, and B.A.P answers they enjoy manga and anime a lot. Youngjae says he likes Hunter x Hunter, but with his pronunciation the Mcs didn't know what he meant at first.
* Jongup talks about how he likes 'Shingeki no Kyojin' (Attack on Titan), all the MCs love it as well and have a mask (which is what Jongup is wearing in the photo)
* They call Zelo "Shingeki no suekko" ("Giant Youngest member")
* The MCs use "Warrior" as their personal theme song since it sounds like "Dig it dig it"
* They did "Nama Digidigidum" for the MCs, to which everyone cheered but Youngjae said he was embarrassed
* They do a second round of introductions by introducing the member on their right
- Youngjae's intro of Himchan: Himchan is the oldest, but acts like a kid, but is also kind and is the coolest member of B.A.P (To which Himchan asks "Really?!" and the MC comments how happy Himchan looks at this comment).
- Himchan's intro of Daehyun: Daehyun talks a lot (To which Daehyun replies "Majidesuyo~" which is his new favourite word recently and means "Seriously!"), and is Busan's Wonbin. Hicmhan also says Daehyun is more handsome than himself. 
- Daehyun's intro of Zelo: Because he's the youngest member, Zelo is cute and very kind (To which Zelo apparently started laughing), and also very tall (To which Himchan says "Shingeki no suekko" again).
- Zelo's intro of Jongup: Jongup is very manly with a lot of muscle, 
- Jongup's intro of Yongguk: (For some reason Jongup says 'Nice to meet you' here. He then described Yongguk in Korean then threw in a "Hanpajyanai desu" in Japanese at the end, which means something is "too much" or "a lot" in this case) Yongguk has a lot of appeal as he's very ("hanpajyanai") manly and cool.  
- Yongguk's intro of Youngjae: Youngjae is very soft and kind.
* AFter hearing these intros, the MCs comment how everything was complimentary and that they must get along very well, to which B.A.P laughed saying they're friends.
* One Mc says she wants to ask one more thing: When they debuted in Korea, they debuted as aliens from Mato converting energy from fans into energy for their plant. The MC asks if they are still aliens and B.A.P thinks about it for a moment. Some answer 'We're human' but some answer 'We're aliens.' Jongup said Until they get more energy, they are still aliens.  
* They then talk about B.A.P's music, the MCs saying one of the strong points is the lyrics that have messages, and then they have Jongup talk about the message of 'One Shot.' 
* One MC says she gets very happy listening to B.A.P and that their music makes her stronger, and the MCs say they want listeners to listen and draw strength from B.A.P as well. 
* Messages: 
- Daehyun - All you fans, I love you!  (Hicmhan says "Liar!")
- Himchan: (Daehyun says "Ikemen") Everyone, you're waiting right? I want to meet you, I love you. 
- Youngjae: Let's have fun at our concerts starting in November!
- Zelo: All you fans, let's meet at the concert
- Jongup: I'm waiting for you on stage
- Yongguk: Thank you (To which everyone asks him to speak more). Let's go to the convenience store (To which the MCs commented how that's his phrase lately).
* They end by asking the audience to listen to "One Shot."

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Wah! We're happy! When B.A.P was on our show, they were really funny. Compared to other radio shows, they seemed to relax and the program was able to go on. Please do your best from now on!

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