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* Some parts of this interview have been omitted because we have heard their "thoughts on the One Shot single" and "Arena tour" in about 20 other articles ^^;;

Q: While touring you stay in hotels, who would you choose at a roommate?

Daehyun: Youngjae, I guess. Since our debut we've always stayed in the same room when traveling, it's easy.
Youngjae: Me too.
Zelo: I'm always with Jongup, but as the Maknae-line we can talk about a lot of things and goof off.
Yongguk: I can get ready in 10 minutes so I'm the last one woken  up. Anyone is fine as a roommate, so I want a big room with 6 beds for all the members to sleep in (laughs).
Himchan: When deciding rooms I'm usually with Yongguk, Daehyun and Youngjae are together, and Zelo and Jongup are together.
Jongup: There was only one time we changed it. If we change it again, someone besides Himchan or Zelo would be good.

Q: There's only about a month left of 2013, Personally what do you think was the biggest news the past year?

Youngjae: Buying a Canon 100 D camera. I like taking pictures of scenery. I won't take pictures of the members (laughs)
Jongup: Shopping in the streets of LA. In Korea I only ever see things on the internet, seeing the items before my eyes was fun.
Zelo: My brother took a test to enter medical school. that was the big event in my family this year so we cheered him on, and I really want him to be accepted!
Daehyun: It was my mother's birthday yesterday. However, we've been working non-stop in Japan so I couldn't call her, so I e-mailed her. I want to say "Thank you" to my mother on this occasion.
Himchan: At the beginning of this year I injured my hand. It wasn't just me but staff and fans who were surprised I think. with that, my point of view on some things changed. For example, that I wanted to make a bigger effort in our daily activities as a group. I didn't really think about our group being our property. While watching the rest of the members promote I was thinking about this.
Yongguk: Hmmm, personally I can't think of anything… (laughs).  However, as a group, I think about our Pacific tour. It was a dream we saw since our trainee days, going overseas and having people hear our music was a big challenge. From now on, little by little every year we want to do more performances, and become global artists around the world.

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[B.A.P A to Z]

A - Ability: The ability you want right now
Yongguk: The ability to manipulate people. What I'll do is a secret. 
Zelo: Cloning? I think it would be nice if there was one more "me."  
While one of me was working, the other would go to school, and do the things I want to do, and learn many things.

B - Baby: Something you want to tell Japanese fans
Yongguk: To our Japanese fans; I've never been one for talking, please don't mind me.
Zelo: Please take care of B.A.P!

C - Confession: Confess one of your secrets
Yongguk: I really hate confining things, I don't wear socks this year. A natural state is the best I think. 
Zelo: I have been keeping a journal lately. I put my heart into it. I wrote a bit in the past. It's actually my "Angry Diary" (laughs). What's in it is a secret.

D - Dorm: Where is the most relaxing place in your dorm?
Yongguk: The room where I write music. I like dark places. When I'm songwriting, I can relax in dark, cluttered places rather than tidy places. For concentrating on music, a quiet place is good. 
Zelo: The living room floor. I've slept there before. I also like the floor of the rehearsal space, I feel safe sitting there. I don't know why but it feels nice feeling stuck to something.

E - Energy: The source of energy you use when trying your best?
Yongguk: From our members. I feel responsible as a leader, if they are simply there I get strength.
Zelo: From myself. When I totally immerse myself in thinking about something, I get good ideas. There are of course times this is negative, and times where it's easier to talk with someone, it's all case by case.

F - Fashion: Clothing you want to try wearing, clothes you like wearing everyday
Yongguk: when I was a kid I usually wore loose fitting clothes, so I think that kind of fashion is ok. I normally don't have much interest in fashion, I'm the type to wear what's comfortable. 
Zelo: The style I want to try us denim on denim. In Korean it's called "Chon chon", and is jeans with a denim jacket kind of style. I change my style quite a lot, but lately it's been "dandy" style I've been thinking of, like V-neck shirts with cardigans, and pant legs rolled up with loafers…and though I'd pick an elaborate accessory, now it's more simple items that I'd choose.  

G - Growth: Area you think you've grown. Also, how you think the group has grown.
Yongguk: It's not all good things but I'Ve "come to know many things." It's not that I've been alive for very long, but about people, society, and also music...There's a saying in Korea that "Things unknown are easy," and lately I have come to understand the meaning of that. As a group, our performances have become easier, but I still think we have a long way to go.
Zelo: I feel I have become an adult, and also that things only I had have become less little by little. I used to be very shy and could not say what I wanted to say, but compared to that time I feel I have become less shy.
Yongguk: You really seem grown up now. It's really amazing that you can do this kind of work at your age. As a rapper, I used to have to explain everything step by step (to Zelo), but lately he does things without me having to say anything, he gets things himself. 
Zelo: (beaming) I've been training in an academy since I was a boy, but when we debuted there have been things I've been able to and unable to realize, but I feel I have lots more to grow.    

H - Healing: Something that alleviates stress
Zelo: Listening to music. Talking with someone who understands. I'm the type to listen to sad music during difficult times. 
Yongguk: Sleep. rather than relieving stress, I'm the type to put up with it and move on. But I feel that making music is the way I recover best. With music, lyrics come out of my stress when I am writing songs. That's why it's stress in itself is good…I seem like a bit of a weirdo though (laughs)

I - Idol: When you were a kid, who was your idol?
Daehyun: When I was younger, Buzz's songs played a lot, I liked them. 
Youngjae: When I was in 4th to 5th grade in elementary school, I liked TVXQ.

J - Joke: An Impression or Gag that you are good at or that you are working on? 
Daehyun: Sorry, I don't have one…
Youngjae: Me neither…(in Japanese) Impressions are difficult (laughs) 

K - Kindness: A time you felt or feel a member's kindness?
Daehyun: When we were working overseas on our MV, or during concerts. Because our schedules are really hard, when we are tired our members look out for each other. That's when we feel like friends or brothers. 
Youngjae: When we go overseas, Daehyun and I usually share a room but he always carries the room key, which helps me a lot. I don't have to worry about it (laughs). When we go somewhere, if I just say "Daehyun-ah~" he comes with the key. That's kindness.

L - Laugh: Something you laughed at recently
Youngjae: When we were doing a radio show in Japan, Himchan looked to fans and made a heart sign by putting both hands on his head, but the MC thought he was impersonating a monkey. (laughs)
During programs we often have incoherent conversations, but afterwards we get it (laughs).
Daehyun: I was also going to mention that time (laughs). I like variety shows, so I like the "Gag corner" on Korean shows, so I laugh while watching that. 

M - Music: Music you've been listening to lately
Daehyun: Jazz and R&B. There are many artists I like, but lately I've been listening to Bruno Mars. 
Youngjae: Hip hop, R&B and Gospel are some. I've been listening to Justin Timberlake a lot lately. Since there was an album out recently, I've been listening to "Part 2 (The 20/20 Experience)."

N - Necessity: Something you always have with you
Daehyun: Lip chap. My lips are big so they dry out easily. 
Youngjae: iPad, for me.  I listen to music and go online. 

O - Off - What would you do with time off? 
Daehyun: I'd relax somewhere quiet in the countryside, I want to see the scenery.
Youngjae: I want to go to Akita prefecture (in Japan) and watch the snow while in a hot spring. I like hot springs, but watching the snow at the same time seems special. 

P - Produce: Out of the members, who would you want to make a solo or a sub-unit?
Daehyun: First, me (laughs). An R&B unit with Youngjae. We're good with that genre, and I'm usually listening to western music so it's a genre I'd like to try.
Youngjae: If it's Jongup, a singing and dance number. A soft song with guitar from Himchan. Rock with a bit of a strong feeling by Daehyun. Zelo is multi-talented so something cute, maybe? And a dark song from Yongguk.
Daehyun: Hahaha! Why?
Youngjae: Because he has a low voice (laughs)

Q - Quit: Something you end up doing or should quit but don't?
Jongup: I don't necessarily want to quit it, but I have a habit of doing things unconsciously. I move my body, I'm always moving around, but I've never thought to fix this habit.
Himchan: My chin is always moving. It hurts. I should probably stop it.

R - Romantic: The most romantic thing you've done up until now
Himchan: I take pictures of fans then upload them onto our Official Korean fan cafe. Don't you think this is romantic? 
Jongup: I've never done this, but sometime when I have a girlfriend I want to go to Harbin Ice Festival in Korea. It's an ice sculpture festival, so I'd make a statue of her and we'd dance (laughs) 

S - Star: Your ideal Artist?
Himchan: An artist that always grows, someone who doesn't stop growing.
Jongup: An artist that keeps experiencing new things, and is able to express themselves in their own way.

T - Travel: Where and with who would you want to travel?
Himchan: I want to go on an eating tour with Jongup. Where would we go? Europe? Italy? 
Jongup: that sounds good. 
Himchan: Actually, before we had time off after visiting our homes, we'd talked about going on an eating tour with our members. 
Jongup: But we didn't have enough time so we abandoned the idea. Eating 3 meals a day rather than eating all day is not an eating tour (laughs)
Daehyun: I've got a lot of relatives, and when I was growing up they babied me. We'd gather at our home and got along well. If there were a chance, I'd also like to go on a trip with everyone, the members of B.A.P could come too, maybe to a place like Akita since I love onsens! (hot springs)
Youngjae: Europe with the members of B.A.P. The nice scenery of Holland would be nice. It also seems like a peaceful place too so I want to go. 

U - UFO: What do you think of aliens and what would you do if you met one?
Himchan: From what I've heard, aliens don't desire to harm humans, I heard they speak the same language. I think I would panic though if I met one. But after a while I think we could be friends. 
Jongup: If we became friends, we'd speak together and I'd want to be good friends. There's lots of things I'm interested in.

V - Value: What do you think your current value is (out of 100 points)?
Jongup: 50 points. The reason…It seems ok to give myself 50% I think.
Himchan: It's pretty high (laughs). A full 100 points for me. (laughs) …it's a joke, it's 20 points. I think it's still about that much. 

W - Work: The pleasure you find in your work?
Himchan: When we're heading on stage, that's when I feel glad to be doing this work and that it's worth doing. It's the same when we meet fans, we like being on stage so that is always fun. 
Jongup: Same here. I feel the most rewarded once we finish a performance. 

X - Something that you can't overcome and is your weak point
Jongup: "Kamadohuma!" (T note: A type of cricket) I've never been weak with bugs, but it's a bug that surprises me…
Himchan: It's a bug that appears in the Korean movie "Yeongasi" (T note: "Deranged" is the English title if you want to find it on imdb ^^). There's a season in Korea when there's an outbreak of Kamadohuma…
Jongup: I was surprised when I saw them on the road but I couldn't look away…They're poisonous you know (laughs) Horror movies are scary but I see them anyway. 
Himchan: It's a dangerous fascinasion (laughs). I hate bugs. Ones that aren't grotesque are ok, but I hate bugs like spiders. 

Y - Yourself: Describe yourself 3 ways.
Yongguk: I want to be firm in my beliefs and ideas, so "rock." Also I want to have a wide range so "mountain." I'm also kind of lazy so "bear."
Himchan: "Multi-talented," I want to try my hand at many things. Also "Mood-maker," and "trouble maker."
Daehyun: "Music," "B.A.P," also "Daehyun."
Youngjae: "Music," "B.A.P," and "Baby Face."
Jongup: "Main character," the main character in my own manga. Also…this is difficult…"Positive," and "Creative." That's it. (laughs)
Zelo: I'm not easily knocked down, and since I hold my ideas strongly "Matsu tree." Also "neon" that stands out. With all the possibilities of a blank piece of paper, I can do many things so "Blank paper."  

Z - Zelo: Complete this phrase: "Zelo is _____.
Himchan: Zelo is adolesence. 
Yongguk: Zelo is bright like neon, like a "Matsu Tree" in that he is hard to knock down, and like a blank piece of paper as he will become a person more amazing than anyone else.
Zelo: That was long...
Jongup: ...Attack on Titan (so like a giant)
Zelo: Zelo is the best! (this was a play on words in Korean) 

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[B.A.P Twitter Q & A]

About the members

Q: This is a question for all the members. What do you like about the other members? (a body part)

Youngjae: Zelo's height. 
Zelo: I want to take Jongup's upper body. (laughs) Though I think a dancer's body changes the impression their dance gives, I want a body that moves like Jongup's.
Daehyun: I also like Jongup's body. His six-pack! I don't have that…I have a one pack (laughs).
Himchan: I also like Jongup's body! Because he has a really great body. Aside from his face, I'd like to switch everything with him (laughs)
Jongup: (I like) Himchan's face. It'd be good if we could both make that switch (laughs).
Himchan: Just keep our souls, right? (laughs)
Yongguk: (I like) Himchan's mind. Thought I do love my mind (laughs). Mine and Himchan's thinking are 180's of each others, so I feel like I'd like to try living with his way of thinking sometimes.

Q: Hello. This is a question for all members aside from Jongup. He's famous for being really clueless,  please let me ask the members what episode of Jongup's cluelessness made you laugh. Please!!

Zelo: I don't notice it normally, but during interviews I think he becomes really clueless. 
Daehyun: Rather than acting clueless, what he says and the way he thinks are really pure. His face might look really clueless so you might think he's a bit dumb, but he's a really good, pure kid. 
Himchan: Rather then being clueless, he seems a bit out of it. Jongup sleeps a lot, usually when we're moving (in a vehicle) he is asleep, but we've gone to work and left him sleeping before. No one woke him up (laughs).
Jongup: I was upset (laughs).  When I opened my eyes, there was no one there. It was like I went to another world alone. After that our manager came to get me though. 
Himchan: He got made and asked why none of us woke him up (laughs). Didn't you also lose your passport before?
Jongup: that was Youngjae. I've never lost mine!

About Music

Q: Are there Japanese songs you like? 

Himchan: Orange Range's "Ikenai Taiyou." (He started singing here…) "Ikenai taiyou, nanannanna~nana~.  I used to listen to it a lot. Also songs by ELLEGARDEN.
Jongup: The opening to "Attack on Titan" anime. Put together with the animation it's really cool. The manga I'm into most right now is also "Attack on Titan," with the new one I couldn't sleep since I was reading it…
Himchan: I also like Japanese manga so I read a lot. The writer I like is the creator of "Paradise Kiss" Ai Yazawa. It's a girl's manga but I like Yazawa-san'scool drawings and the story is good. "Neighbourhood Story" is also good. Even in B.A.P we talk about girl's manga (laughs). I watch dramas a lot too. Dramas like "Stand Up!" and "Code Blue: Doctor Heli", "Engine" and I know a lot of others. 

Q: Up until now, what has been your favourite (B.A.P) song?

Jongup: Lately it's "Coffee Shop." It's perfect for this season. 
Himchan: At this time it's "Coffee shop" for me too, I think, but the song that I like to sing live most is "Excuse Me." It's fun.   

Q: What is something you are interested in, or something you want to try?

Yongguk: The release date hasn't been decided yet, but since we're preparing our new album I've been thinking a lot about music. I've been making music all of this year. 
Himchan: I have a great interest in music. I want to try and make music and dances, I'm interested in that sort of creativity. 

About Girls

Q: This is a question for B.A.P! If you spent a day escorting a Japanese Baby, where would you take her?

Zelo: To the "Hannamdon" near our agency in Korea. I'd guide her around the convenience store. (laughs) 
Yongguk: The dorm. Since we have only 1 day, I'd have her feel my love as we make lasting memories. Ah, but actually the room's messy so we'd have to clean it together (laughs).
Daehyun: I'm from Busan, so I'd take her to experience things Busan is famous for. We'd eat "Dejikupa," (Sound made with pork and stewed pork bones with rice, a famous dish in Busan) I'd also want to take her to Haeundae and Gwanganri. 
Youngjae: I was born and raised in Korea, but there are many places in Korea I haven't been to. Japanese people have a similar situation, so I'd like to choose the places to go to in Japan together.
Jongup: Disney World. Go to an amusement park, and have fun playing together. 
Himchan: Not somewhere I want to go, but where she wants to be taken too (laughs). We'd keep eating on a food fight tour. I love eating, and I heard that Japan is a country particular about it's food. I can't guide her (in Japan), so we'd talk about it together…By eating a country's food you come to learn that country's culture, don't you think? (to Jongup) Do you get it?
Jongup: (in Japanese) "Naruhodo." (I see). 
Everyone: explosive laughter

About Private lives

Q: This is a question for everyone in B.A.P! What are your shoe sizes? (In Japanese sizes)

Yongguk: 26cm
Himchan: 27cm
Daehyun: 26.5cm
Youngjae: 26cm
Jongup: 26.5cm
Zelo: 27cm

Q: What flavour of Ice cream do you like?

Zelo: Hagen Daas. The strawberry one with cookie in it!
Youngjae: Cookies & cream. I also like Dippin' Dots ice cream. I always eat ice cream after eating. 
Daehyun: Cookies & cream. After a music show, when we go to the convenience store or the supermarket I eat it often.
Yongguk: Whatever I eat the taste is the same, so anything's fine. It's all the same once it's in my mouth (laughs).
Jongup: Chocolate. The Caramel Vanilla cookie one we had yesterday was good too! I love ice cream, and sweets, and I love tako yaki too!
Himchan: Say that in Japanese!
Jongup: (in Japanese) Hagen Daas is awesome! ("hanpajyanai!")
Everyone: Explosive laughter
Jongup: They have Hagen Daas in Korea but not that many flavours!

Q: What is a food you can eat without getting sick of?

Zelo: Water.
Yongguk: I can eat anything without getting sick of it.
Youngjae: Ice cream. (in Japanese) Meals and sweets are different…um? ah, "Betsu Bara" ("Extra/Second Stomach," used to explain when people can still eat sweets even if they are full after a meal) (laughs)
Himchan: I used to like chicken, but lately, um…Before this, in one month I'd use 5,000,000 won ($50) to buy chicken.

Q: What do you do when you are traveling by plane or car? 

Yongguk: When I'm writing songs, I'm listening to a lot of music, but otherwise I'm sleeping.
Zelo: Writing notes for practice, and writing thoughts and feelings down. When we have wi-fi, I search about fashion, and listen to music.
Youngjae: I usually sleep. Other times I watch movies or listen to music on the iPad.
Himchan: I sleep (laughs). The plane ride here to Japan was not very long so I slept and it was over. When we went to America, I slept then woke up and there was still time, so I watched movies, but I slept for about 6 hours. In Korea too, when we're in the car I'm usually asleep. 
Jongup: I also sleep. If it's for a long time, I watch movies or something.

About Japan

Q: What was the first thing you ate when you got to Japan?

Youngjae: After first arriving, we went to Hara Juku from the airport and ate at Marion Crepe and Jyangara Ramen. There are so many flavours of crepes! 
Daehyun: I ate ice cream. I ate it at the same place that sold the crepes. 

Q: What has been the most difficult Japanese so far?

Zelo: I don't remember any difficult ones (laughs)
Daehyun: Forn pronunciation, the "tsu," "jay," "wo" sounds. Because of the "Tsu" pronunciation, our recording took a long time. 
Youngjae: The Japanese teacher we had loved cars so he had us practice the "tsu" sound by saying "Bentz." That teacher really likes cars (laughs).

Q: Is there somewhere in Japan you want to go?

Yongguk: Odaiba.
Jongup: If we have time, anywhere. We haven't gone anywhere yet.
Himchan: When watching Japanese movies and drama, the everyday is really nice, various cute things. I'd want to see stuff like that. Jongup and I both like Japanese movies and though we had practice the other day, we woke up early to watch "Ima, Ai ni yukimasu" (I'm going to meet you now"). That's why I want to see that side of Japan.

Q: What surprised you about Japan?

Himchan: I have to say this! The other day, when we appeared on a radio program that showed on Ustream, I answered "All our fans!" when asked about a girlfriend, then used both arms to make a heart by placing my hands on my head, saying "I love you~~" but the DJ asked "Why are you impersonating a monkey?" I didn't know the Japanese for "Monkey" at that time, so I said "Because it's her/them, it's ok."  I didn't realize it had that kind of meaning and was surprised. Fans probably understood me, but I wouldn't like it if other people seeing that were upset by it…That was a heart, please write that down!
Yongguk: Discipline. Everyone in Japan is always well mannered, and I really want to thank everyone for watching out for us. 
Youngjae: Japanese are kind.  When we did an appearance on a variety show, during filming all the staff were very mindful of public etiquette. When we were driving our vehicle stopped suddenly, but the cars behind waited patiently rather than blowing their horns, that left an impression on me.
Jongup: I wasn't expecting it, but Japanese food really agrees with me! 
Himchan: (in Japanese) That's why you got fat. 
Jongup: Seems that way. Curry and meat tastes good. There are so many varieties of sweets. Crepes are delicious! 
Himchan: Normally, Jongup doesn't think much about what he's eating. Since coming to Japan though he really appreciates food. (Imitating Jongup's voice) "Hyung, this tastes really delicious!" is what he'll say (laughs)

Q: What Japanese have you memorized lately?

Yongguk: "I've never been one for speaking, please don't mind me." 
Youngjae: "Multiply/Double." Also that other word "Okagetsu?"…no I mean "bets bars!" (Second stomach). 

Q: Congratulations on your Japan debut, what was the first thing you bought when you got here?

Zelo: Clothes. We shopped in Shibuya, I bought an umbrella, T-shirt, parka with a hood, and some other things. 
Yongguk: Ramen at a convenience store (laughs). After that, clothes.
Jongup: When we were shopping in Shibuya, Yongguk bought me shoes! I haven't bought anything with my own money yet.
Himchan: Yongguk also bought a bag for me. He bought something for Zelo, Jongup and I. Because the other members couldn't come shopping with us…I also haven't bought anything with my own money yet. We usually don't have much time (to shop)…

Q: What do you want Japanese fans to call you? 

Yongguk: Papa / dad / daddy. (laughs) That's because Babys are all my daughters…I'm honoured. (laughs)
Hicmhan: "Himchan"
Jongup: Anything's ok. Something easy to say…(laughs) "Jongup" is hard to pronounce so depending on the person the way the different ways they call me is interesting. The one that I remember most was "Chris Brow-Up" since I like Chris Brown (laughs). 

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