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Cuvism Award: Expect More Tomorrow

Like the award's name, when B.A.P were interviewing and now, they are keep growing. They debuted only a year and 2 months ago, but they finished Pacific tour and met Cuvism. Recently on a Korean entertainment awards 'Remarkable Awards 2013' in Germany, they got four awards, This Year's Song, One Shot, the Best Boy Group, Superior Mini Album, and This Year's Artist. As proving the fame, their ranking was top 5 Cuvism Interview Video views. As their interesting walk in 2014, Cuvism will give cheers generously.

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Message for Badman comeback 

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Yongguk: Readers of Cuvism Magazine! 2, 3...
B.A.P: Hello, we are B.A.P! Yes sir! Nice to meet you!
Yongguk: Yes, B.A.P came back with our 3rd mini album <BADMAN>!

Our song <BADMAN> is a song that contains a message for society that has fallen into chaos because of criminals. 
Himchan: With a background of hip-hop and an appearance of hot track, you will be able to feel a new sensation with this track. It is a bold risk-taking towards music. 
Daehyun: If you say B.A.P, performance is a must. 
B.A.P: Yes!
Daehyun: Our performance this time for <BADMAN> you put your arms our on both sides and rock back from side to side. Readers of Cuvism Magazine, you’ll easily be able to follow it, right?
Youngjae: Recently, B.A.P concluded our Pacific Tour in America and Asia. I thought that it was a precious memory and chance being able to meet our fans. 
Jongup: A lot of people came to watch our stage and cheer for us, therefore it was a chance for us to grow. 
Zelo: In the future, we will become a hard-working B.A.P so please give us and Cuvism Magazine lots of love. 
Yongguk: Yes, the end. We are...
B.A.P: B.A.P! Yes sir!
Yongguk: Thank you!
Youngjae: Thank you!

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  1. No matter what you do and no matter where you go bbs,as long what you do is good,we the Babyz will always continue being there for you and always will,be with you. Our love for you bbs is priceless. Trust me and you B.A.P bbs had no idea of how precious you guys are for all of us here as a Babyz. Do take care,our beautiful baby boyz! ;) Alwayz n forever loving y'all~ :)

  2. Babyz are one of B.A.P's valueable treasures. Remember that,boyz! =)