[PROJECT: CLOSED] LOE Seoul: Wanted Project - International Rice Wreath with Banner

Posted by Isa


Thank you to our amazing Yui, and thank you to TS ENT and DREAME who make this possible! <3

Our Yui is so cute!! 

Our name on the list of donators (BYS is the third one)

BYS is at 8:20 ^^

B.A.P will close up their LOE Tour with the two encore concerts in Seoul "LOE: WANTED" on August 17th and 18th.

Our Japanese Translator Yui and Korea Representative Jinna will attend both days of the concerts. Yui will give away little BYS business cards to some foreigners and K-Babys. She will have a BYS flag with her so if you're attending the concert, you'll be able to find them and say hello! For those who can't attend, Yui and Jinna will surely try to take some pictures of the event and they will write fanaccounts for you guys!

They will also coordinate with the DREAME team on August 17th. BYS will have its own rice wreath in front of the Seoul Olympic Hall. We will donate 50kg of rice to the poor people in Korea under the name of B.A.P.

Our wreath will have two ribbon: one of them will read "우리의 미션은: 비에이피의 지구 정복을 도와라", which means "Our mission: Help B.A.P in world domination" and the other will read "International Fansite | bapyessir.com" 

Samples (left: rice wreath / right: BYS banner) 
 (we will include the flags of all countries who participated in the funds raising for the wreath)


There will also have a small banner with BYS logo, a picture of B.A.P and the flags of all countries who donated to the rice project. Yui will take few pictures of the wreath and we will post it on BYS as soon as we receive them! 

If you'd like to contribute and see an international wreath at the LOE Seoul concerts, please make a donation!
Goal: 200 $ | Still needed: 0 $
We accept PayPal and concealed cash! The deadline to donate is August 10th.
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[Project name: B.A.P Wreath]

A 10 $ + donation will even give you entries to win a set of 50 $ of B.A.P goodies of your choice! 

[?] If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask Isa on ask.fm/bysfansite (English / French / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese). 


  1. I have a question about the flags of all countries that participate. Lets say I am the only person from my country to donate, would my flag still be there. (Not a common one)

  2. for cash, do you accept USD?

  3. hello im from a fanbase of B.A.P in my country. i wonder if we donate, will you list the fanbases' name which donated to you? what about donators' name?

    1. We can only list participating countries. ^^

  4. Hi, I´m from Germany and want to donate.
    In Germany we don´t have to choice "I'm sending money to family or friends".
    Is it okay if I´m donting 2Dollar more than wanted to cover the paypal fees?

    1. We already answered your question on askfm!

  5. Hello! Is it a final version of the banner? I donated for this but not saw our country flag.