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Okay, here we go.

-Lineup was hell. It was freaking burning outside. My ticket was in the 13xx range of the A mosh pit, so it took a LONG time for me & my friends to get in.
-I officially announce that TS is a troll. They kept randomly playing an advertisement for Asiana Airlines... OTL
-I find it very weird that during the waiting time, they were playing American rock songs instead of B.A.P songs.


(I have no clue how to organize this without dying from feels. So let's do this by member)

Yongguk: (Warning #2: FEELS)
-EACH TIME HE CHANGED OUTFITS/HAIRSTYLES, HE LOOKED SO HOT OMG. Sometimes I have a tendency to complain about the hair stylists' choices for his hairstyle, but I have no complaints today. At all.
-Yes, it's true. He sing & danced to Gee. Youngjae (or was it Daehyun?) pointed out that he can sing too, so he kept asking us if we wanted to hear it, so we kept yelling "YES!!!".
-Fail!gwiyomi. Being biased, I thought his fail!aegyo was enough to kill me, but it was probably more of a face-palm level of aegyo.
-I cried during I Remember. Literally. Yongguk's chair was on an angle, so I was facing him perfectly. The emotions he poured into I Remember... One moment please, while I return to crying. (Yes, I Remember is one of my all-time favourite songs)
-His English. He hesitated every now and then to try to find a word I think, but it was adorable. Enough said.
-Everytime fans were screaming during a sad song from feels, he still remained submerged in the emotion of the song. Man, I love that about him. You can really tell he loves his own music.
-He kept pouring/splashing the water from the water bottle towards our area. It was a nice way to cool down especially after all that blasting fire from Power.
-The DJing for/before Sexy Clap was.. well, sexy. YONGGUK + SHADES = PERFECT COMBO.
-He kept giving the creepy/scary glare during One Shot. Definitely hot.
-HE. IS. SUCH. A. TEASE. During My First Kiss, he kept throwing half his jacket down so that the top half of his arms were revealed, BUT HE DIDN'T STRIP. UGH. TEASE. He did that like, 4-5 times. His hip rolls. Did I ever mention that those can get you pregnant just from watching them?
-He threw his towel to the right of me... very far. BUT WHY YONGGUK. WHY.
-He blew around 3-4 kisses throughout the concert today. None of them were targeted at me though... /bricked
-His tattoo. Enough said.
-During the encore, he lied down on the floor for a good part of Stop It (I think?) at the front of the extended stage.
-HE. STARED. AT. ME. This fangirl in front of me was a Youngjae fan (she had a sign with his name on it) and she was holding it up really high. During one song (forgot which), he DUCKED DOWN AND LOOKED STRAIGHT INTO MY EYES FROM BETWEEN THE SIGN AND THE FAN'S HEAD. FOR LIKE. 1-2 SECONDS. WITH A SMILE. I WAS SMILING BUT I FORGOT HOW TO REACT. SOBBING SO HARD NOW. T____T

-You totally understand why he's the visual. I'm not kidding. He is SO hot in person.
-He didn't visit my area very often, which was sad. Though when he did, HE WAS TAKING PICTURES OF US. LOLING SO HARD. HE TOOK AT LEAST LIKE 2-3 I THINK.
-There wasn't as much crotch grabbing compared to the performances in the states, I don't think. Still VERY hot though. (Sexy Clap)
-I couldn't stop laughing when his introduction said that he has a tendency to calculate calories. Oh Himchan.
-His imitation of Yongguk was pretty close I'd say. Yongguk kind of face-palmed when Youngjae started asking the fans if we wanted to hear his impersonation (I mean, really Youngjae, do you have to ask?)
-He kept fooling around with Zelo.
-I expected more aegyo during his fail!gwiyomi, but adorable nonetheless!
-I think Himchan spoke the most Chinese tonight. Either him, Zelo or Youngjae.

-His arms are so toned. He ended up taking his jacket off during the encore. He loves our area though apparently. He just kept staying around and waving and smiling at the fans.
-I Believe I Can Fly is no joke. I'm not kidding. The harmony. His voice. His pronunciation of English. It was so perfect I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my skin.
-My friend would kill me for saying this, but the DaeJae friendship is so real and cute. Hehehehe. When it was Youngjae's turn for the introduction scan thing, he started getting us to chant "gwiyomi!" so that he'd do it.
-More fail!gwiyomi. Seriously. B.A.P doesn't seem to like doing gwiyomi very much...just fail!aegyo.
-His high notes were perfect. All of them. However, either my ear was already deaf or the mic had problems, because sometimes you couldn't really hear his high notes. It could also just be very very loud fans.
-He spoke in Korean most of the ime. If not all the time, I think.
-Don't let him fool you, he does subtle aegyo to fans all the time.
-During the final encore, he threw a LOT of towels to our area. Around 4-5. One was really close to my Dae-biased friend, but she didn't get it.

-Resident language pro. He spoke in English and Chinese.
-He plots against everyone...with his trusty sidekick, Daehyun. Just so they all get their chance to do gwiyomi.
-When it was Zelo's turn to get his body scan thing, Youngjae "escorted" Zelo up the stairs. He ended up helping Zelo hold his microphone while he did the full gwiyomi.
-HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING IN PERSON, LIKE WHOA. In other words, he's a bias list ruiner.
-During the bridge part for Warrior, his voice was wavering a little, but probably because he was still warming up.
-He completely blew me away during I Believe I Can Fly. That harmony with Daehyun? I demand an official studio version.
-During Youngjae's introduction, Yongguk was saying something about how he can sing, but he can also do sexy dances, so Youngjae ended up doing a sexy dance. /nosebleed

Jongup:-His dancing is no joke. The way he works his hips is amazing.
-For all you Jongup biased people out there like my friend, Teach Me How To Dougie and Never Give Up will kill you.
-He really doesn't speak much. I think he mumbled two English phrases really quietly but nobody really knew what he said because the fans were too busy screaming over the fact he was talking. =___=
-For his fail!gwiyomi, he spun around (I swear everyone thought he refused to do it and only tried to look cool) and then did a "v" with his hand on his head. It was cool AND cute.
-When it's not a powerful song, he was very much like a lost puppy. On the other hand, when it WAS a powerful song (Warrior, One Shot, etc.) he danced with such strength it was really nice to see up close.
-His singing voice actually seems pretty high, I think.
-There were a LOT of JongLo shippers. I was surprised. Probably the most prominent OTP I saw last night. (A lot of fans were holding these JongLo fans, but I'm not sure if it was just because of the really hot weather that everyone started holding them, or if they really shipped.)

Zelo:-HIS GWIYOMI!!! I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING WHEN HE COULDN'T COUNT THE FIRST TIME. Baby Zelo, oh you so cute. The second attempt, he did the entire Gwiyomi player. Oh this noona's heart melted at that.
-He spoke Chinese a few times. It was kind of difficult to understand, but it was cute nonetheless.
-He paid a fair amount of attention to most areas, I think. Whenever he came over, he'd bend down and wave at us. Oh, not to mention he was lying down on the ground in front of our area and sitting on the edge just fooling around with the first row fans.
-He fools around with Umma Chan sometimes.
-I don't remember if it was in Never Give Up or Teach Me How To Dougie, but he was on the extended area of the stage with Jongup and they started having a playful fight. Maknae line is adorable.
-When the strands of confetti were shot out, there was this fan who caught the end of the one Zelo caught. They started having a little tug-of-war. So jealous.

Extra notes:
-Not much BangHim interaction as I would've anticipated, I'd say.
-I don't think the boys had the same amount of energy last night compared to other LOEs, probably with the exception of Daehyun.
-The concert was horribly short. It wasn't even 2 hours by the time it ended.
-I'm sure a lot of you have read this already, but the staff were SO strict on photos, it's no joke. I've been to a lot of concerts, and this was the strictest I've seen them. They barged into the mosh pit dragging people out for taking photos, or shot lazers and torchlights from above to get people to stop. I sweared at all of them a few times because they were in my way. <___<.
-Overall, the mood of the concert didn't really reach a very high peak, which was a shame. (Also probably why Yongguk didn't take his shirt off /bricked). Still, really awesome nonetheless.
Well, that's it for now. Don't ever hesitate to stalk me somehow to get more info about the concert from me. ^____^

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  1. Sob I wanna cry. Why was there so much fanservice?? I miss them already. Just come back to NYC ugh